News, News Everywhere And Not A Word To Believe

13:00 Thu 08th Dec 2011 |
The news has become the news it seems. With the Levinson enquiry in full swing plus all the build up with phone hacking and private detectives who can believe what gets published these days. Does it matter where a story comes from as long as it gets into the public domain; everyone will form their own opinion anyway.
Is a firsthand account filmed on a handheld mobile phone at the site of an event a superior story than watching a report of the same story on the BBC News, because the presenters are better dressed and supposedly well educated? Many people across the country were shocked by CCTV footage of the riots in London and other cities in the summer; but this was the real thing and not watered down by news writers and readers.
So where do you get your news from?  The most popular daily newspapers in the UK are The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror and Metro. If however, you want to get your news online the top networks are BBC, CNN, FOX, Wikileaks and The Huffington Post. These all have twitter feeds so you can get the most up to date news headlines anywhere even on your phone!
It seems we can get the news anywhere but is it what we want to hear?

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