Poppy burning Islamic extremist

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Bravehearted | 23:53 Thu 10th Mar 2011 | News
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This Black bearded £50 fine for burning poppies on rememberance day, should thank his lucky stars that he's 'British?' His fine can easily be paid from the monies he receives from the DSS. If he'd been in an Islamic country he would have lost more than £50. Pity we can't deport the bearded activist. Who would have an animal like that anyway?


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If he'd been in an Islamic country they wouldn't have been too worried about him burning a bit of red paper. That's all a poppy would meant to them.
totally agree, if they don't like how the u.k works and honours its troops then they can fcuk off to some other corner of the globe....
Pity we haven't got a phantom sniper.
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Fortunately he is a one off bonehead and does not represent the views of the majority of muslims in this country.

There could be some milage in deporting British people. Maybe TV License dodgers could be sent to Libya where they can watch 6 hour Col. Gaddafi speeches for free.
The only consolation here is that he is stuck with being a bonehead for the rest of his
If Special Branch have any sense traitors such as this scum should be entered on a data-bank, and if possible monitored 24/7.

All those with these anti-British views should be finger printed, their DNA taken, passport confiscated, and movements monitored and perhaps their benefits cut to help to pay for all this vigilance..

It would also be useful if the Muslim community disowned them, and refused their entry to the Mosque.

But then this is never going to happen, is it?
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Gromit I'd like to agree with your views, but I lost my job as a result of 9/11. Seeing the arabic countries revolt against their dictatorial leaders gave me some hope that sense in democracy was finally sinking in. Let's wait and see. If the UK and USA take the lead in supporting the rebel forces in Libya, even after said rebel forces asked for our help, I bet UK and USA nationals will still be treated as the illegitimate targets of the Islamic world. Let's see another country take the lead in getting rid of this tyrant.
C*nt should be shot
agree 100% ELVIS>
Burning puppies - Grrr!

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Poppy burning Islamic extremist

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