RIP Jane Russell

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tamborine | 12:51 Tue 01st Mar 2011 | News
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Never forgotten !


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Yes another legend of the silver screen leaves us for that big stage in the sky.

Who is there to replace them these days?

Surprisingly she was 32 years old when she starred in that film.

But she made her name for that notorious (at the time) film The Outlaw.

R.I.P Jane.
They're both a bit before my time, but bet they're keeping everyone entertained up there now! RIP. ♥
Ms. Russell was the dream of any 12 to 14 year old boy, speaking from personal experience. But, in retrospect, she was truly a fine acctress... witness her 1956 film "The Revolt of Mamie Stover". All of her later work was overshadowed by Howard Hughes' showcasing her.... ummm, finer points in "The Outlaw".
Interestingly, that film wasn't released for general distribution until 1946 although it was made in 1941... couldn't find a censor that would put a stamp of approval on it until 1946 so I read...
Hughes' single minded view of her ample pulchritude prevented exposition her real talents for a long time...
Met her once... even shook hands with her near her home (at the time) in Sedona, Arizona... fine lady.
wow clanad bit of a claim to fame there.

She was indeed a fine actress, RIP Jane
A great actress, may she rest in peace
>>>RIP Jane Russell
>>>Never forgotten !

one of the best ever Hollywood stars, a real woman
and this video is a good tribute to both these stars
A great actress and talent.
Wasnt she the Jane Russell married to Jack Russell, ex England and Gloucester wickky and artist (now fetching £25k+ a picture)?
Yes, very sad. RIP

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Sadly VHG you dont know the true meaning of legend. Can you can google ?
Spectacular personal features

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RIP Jane Russell

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