Yet again - it's one rule for Muslim extremists and another for the res...hang on!!!

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sp1814 | 22:50 Wed 23rd Feb 2011 | News
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Can someone PLEASE explain what in God's name is happening here:


I thought the accepted line was that Muslim extremists get away with saying and doing anything they like, but if the rest of us did the same, we'd end up in court.

So why on earth have these men been charged?

Is this some big mistake? 

Should there be an enquiry?

Or is this further evidence that the 'one rule for them, another for us' argument is...


(Did you see what I did there?)


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/// The point of their protests are driven by our involvement in what has been described as Illegal war in the Middle East.///

/// Something we should think about - how comes Muslims have been living quietly in the UK for 40 years, but it's only in the past seven or eight years extremism has taken hold? ///

Excuse me but didn't Muslim extremists first blow-up the Twin Towers in 2001 that was 2 years before we invaded Iraq in 2003, so haven't we a right to protest as well?
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British Muslims were not involved in 9/11 surely?
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Furthermore - wasn't 9/11 after the first Gulf war?

And do you know the history of America's involvement (with regards to arms trades) in Afghanistan and its support of Bin Laden?

It makes for gruesome reading...
its all about the illuminati its a conspiracy type illuminati in u tube and watch how FLUFFED up this world is
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The illuminati???

What? Light bulb manufacturers?
just type it in u tube and see wat i mean
All I can say on the matter is that it is (well I suppose not really) unbelievable that these Muslims claim freedom of speech when we all know that anyone that crosses their faith gets a fatwah against them.

Ludicrous. If the judiciary dont get a grip we will see rioting in our streets. Yes, it can happen and no amount of chattering in coffe shops in Islington will stop it
jake Are you saying you would accept anything and everything on the basis of free speech. ?
May I assume I could say anything about you and your family and you would accept it ?

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Do you know the answer?

Yet again - it's one rule for Muslim extremists and another for the res...hang on!!!

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