so immigration is good for us?

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youngmafbog | 18:20 Fri 18th Feb 2011 | News
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Today we have seen gangs of youths fighting with knives and hockey sticks round trafalgar sq. Home grown, isit heck this lot are albanians thoyghtfully given a home by us now repaying like this.
So will they get deportred or will we see the usual bunch of hand wringers wittering on about their oooman rights?


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When the politicians reacted about prisoners able to vote they almost peed in their pants with indignation. But when it comes to terrorists trying to blow up the country they resorted to hand wringing and said the problem could not be tackled because of human rights.

Where are their priorities?
Youths fighting with knives? Sounds like they are fitting in with the indigenous population.
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Wasn't there a big knife fight in Victoria Station a few weeks ago? They weren't foreigners.
Three different topics; votes for prisoners; terrorist attacks; gangs of albanians fighting

Not sure how trying to mix them together helps?

votes for cons - some say good some say bad
albanians scaring pigeons - definitely bad - illegal - nothing to do with echr
terrorist attacks - definitely very bad - illegal - nothing to do with echr.
...or will we see the usual bunch of wannabe right wing dictators painting everyone with the same brush.
They've stopped people feeding the birds in Trafalgar Square. Have pigeons no rights?
The pigeons have squatters rights. Wasn't it Ken Livingstone who stopped a pigeon catcher in Trafalgar Square who sold them onto restaurants?
Politicos have an instinctive empathy with pigeons.

I think it's because they both sh1t on people.
Apologies to Ken Livingstone. He was trying to eradicate them. Rats with wings he described them as:

>>>Youths fighting with knives? Sounds like they are fitting in with the indigenous population.

Whenever a crime or other misdemenor is done by immigrants or asylum seekers some idiot always says something like "we already have people here that do that".

As if that makes it ok.

Yes we do have criminals and anti social types born and bred in the uk, that is out problem to deal with.

But importing MORE is something we should try to avoid.
Who are the most violent, anti social, dysfunctional immigrants we could have?

Or Somalis?

There's only one way to find out ...... FIGHT....
Lets hope they end up killing themselves all off.It will certainly help us (the British people)as we wont have to give them any more benefits or million pound mansions to live in.
^ just wshee9 being a prat as per usual.
Yes,you are AP...
Shhhh - go to bed ;-)
I am in bed....night-night,pra.....oh,sorry......
So, why should I give a t0ss? I'm nowhere near Trafalgar Square.
..only coz you're scared all those pigeons will gang up on you and nick your bread.
Wshee - seriously? You believe the answer to immigration fears/issues is for immigrants to hopefully kill each other off?

I think might considered to be...a little extreme.

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so immigration is good for us?

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