The Big Society stich up - by labour

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youngmafbog | 15:56 Mon 14th Feb 2011 | News
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While it's hard not to feel sympathy for those whose worthy causes will face the axe, some councils have deliberately decided to slash the cash for popular services.

Their cynical aim? To embarrass the Government.

Take Manchester. Local Labour bosses have targeted for closure five libraries, two swimming pools, five leisure centres, help for the disabled and 18 of their 19 public toilets (the exception? The one in City Hall).

But as we reveal today, the fat cats on the local payroll are NOT having their salaries cut.

EVEN THOUGH Chief Executive Sir Howard Bernstein rakes in £232,000 including pension contributions - UP more than 30 per cent in five years and dwarfing the Prime Minister's pay.

EVEN THOUGH there are ten executives scooping up more than £100,000 and 156 council workers on £50,000-plus.

Recent non-jobs on offer include a "Nuclear Free Local Authorities Secretariat" officer and a Facebook and Twitter tsar both on around £38,000.

Yet as they target the vulnerable, Manchester holds the record for uncollected council tax.

That doesn't stop local bigwigs blaming the Government when they slash popular and vital services.

It's not just Manchester. Nearly half of all council bosses are paid more than £150,000 - that's more than the Prime Minister gets.

So whats more important. Apolitical stand or services to the people?

I think we know where Red Ed's cronies stand


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>>>And what about the cuts and closures being made by Birmimgham city council

I used to live in Birmingham 20 years and got fed up with their high council tax, and squandering money on all sorts of strange projects.

They were renovating private houses (new roofs, windows, doors, kitchens, walls etc) at little cost to the owners, and because this was in the poorest areas, it was almost 100% immigrants who were getting the benefit.

I eventually moved into Solihull (not part of Birmingham) and my council tax dropped by about 30%, for a larger house.

They have been wasting money for decades.

The council emply about 35,000 people, do they really need that many?
Yes, VHG, we all know that Gordon Brown was moonlighting as the USA's Secretary of the Treasury and Chief Executive of Lehman Brothers as well as Chancellor of Iceland and a host of other countries. That's why they have all gone mammaries upwards or are all in the same financial mire as we are, isn't it? Nothing whatsoever to do with sub-prime mortgages, casino-banking or anything to do with the shenanigans of these nations' financial institutions, eh?
No,quizmonster,the trouble with Brown was that he was part of the problem rather than part of the solution.....thats why we got rid of them and try and get someone in to government with a bit of financial acumen....
I have heard some people say they are entitled to their high salaries because of the high number of employees is equivalent to a private company and they need to pay the going rates of industry.

What is forgotten is the income is try defaulting on your council tax. So their only worry is how to spend the £mns they have in their lap.
So how well do you think their "financial acumen" is doing for us so far, WShee9? This very thread would suggest the answer is, "None too brightly!"
just shows the depths of financial ineptitude that the Labour party was/is...They got us into such a big financial hole,it will take the wisdom of Solomon to get us out of....
Red Ed and his cronies (particularly the other Ed) started this whole scenario of paying exorbitant salaries and bonuses to the town hall fat cats. Instead of cutting front line services, and few of the so called directors should be taken off the payroll. The majority have only been employed in the last 13 years. Non jobs in the public sector were invented by Labour in order to make up for the shortfall in the private sector.
Just who in the current cabinet, WShee9, do you suppose has the "wisdom of Solomon"?

How's the "shortfall in the private sector" coming along nowadays, Grizelda? Filling up nicely, is it?

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The Big Society stich up - by labour

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