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kittygall | 15:54 Mon 14th Feb 2011 | News
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which royal residece was on fire in 1983


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Windsor castle
The Windsor Castle fire occurred in November 1992. Buckingham Palace suffered a fire in June 2002.

Though not Royal residences, Hampton Court Palace caught fire on Easter Monday 1986, and York Minster suffered a serious fire in July 1984.

I cannot think of a Royal Residence that suffered a fire in 1983.
Raghadan Palace: Jordan
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Yes I think you're right Steve.
New Judge,

"I cannot think of a Royal Residence that suffered a fire in 1983."

Isn't that just a euphemism for "Well, I've tried to google it but couldn't find anything"?, instead of pretending you've got a photographic memory going back nearly 30 years? Muppet.
^ Harsh. But gotta say, it did make me laugh...
Thank you for your kind remarks, eyethenkyew.

As it happens (and you can believe it or not, I really don't care) I knew the locations and the years of the four fires I mentioned. I admit I had to look up the months for three of them (I knew the date of the York Minster fire as I was in the city at the time celebrating a friend's significant birthday).

Beyond that I "googled" nothing and I still cannot think of a Royal residence having caught fire in 1983.

If you're making me an honorary Muppet then I'll opt to be either Animal or Zoot as I can play the drums (well) and the saxophone (badly). Or perhaps I looked that up on Google as well.
Why does everyone assume its an English Royal Residence ?
I've mentioned King Hussein's Raghaden Palace that was on fire in 1983.
I don't know where kitty got the question from but it is a crossword type question and the answer could apply to any RR in the world . There was one in Spain also in 1983 .
New Judge,

Take it not to heart, for when I call someone a "muppet" 'tis with a smile on my ugly countenance, having found their remarks amusing. No, for some perverse reason, I was reminded of a scene from a "The 39 Steps" film where a so called memory man is gunned down in a theatre.

It was my way of "gunning" you "down"!
I take nothing to heart on AB, eyethenkew. It’s all part and parcel of the banter we all become involved in from time to time.

Just so that you know, I only get involved in questions of this sort where I genuinely do have some knowledge of the subject. In this particular case I genuinely did know the years of the fires. I wouldn’t say I am like the “memory man” in the 39 Steps, but I do seem to retain some extraordinarily useless information. For instance I know the name of the Best Man at Princess Alexandra and Angus Oglivy’s wedding – Mr Feathergreene Fairfax. I can also recite all the stations on each London Underground line from memory and know where best to be on the train for the exit or change of trains at about 75% of the stations. I also know the geographical location of about 90% of the telephone dialling codes in England and Wales (not too keen on Scotland). All a bit sad really. On the other side of the coin very often I cannot recall what I had for dinner the previous evening, or what I went upstairs for.

Of course I look up details to make my answers more complete, but I only do so if I have some reasnable knowledge of the topic to start with.

Keep Smiling!
ok New Judge Kew Gardens to Heathrow central best interchange
Mornington Crescent!!!!
Eastbound District Line to Turnham Green – car 3 or 4 I think would be best. Change direction there to Westbound District Line (towards Ealing Broadway) to Acton Town (any car). Change there (cross platform interchange) for Piccadilly Line towards the Heathrow stations (note, Heathrow Central is the name given to the Heathrow Express station served by main line trains from Paddington. It is nearest the underground station serving terminals 1,2, and 3). Not too sure about the alighting point at the Heathrow stations as I have never travelled to Heathrow by tube.

Mornington Crescent, Jake? Causes confusion (and was obviously why the sub-game in “I’m Sorry I haven’t a clue” was named thus). On the Northern Line between Euston and Camden Town. Both branches (City and West End) of the Northern line run between those two stations but only the West End branch serves Mornington Crescent. This is chiefly because, whilst the West End branch is aligned roughly north-south at Euston, the City branch tunnels are actually heading slightly south of due west when they leave Euston towards Camden Town. They turn in a fairly sharp arc on leaving Euston to head north but do not actually go near Mornington Crescent. Although the tube map shows the City Branch as being east of the West End Branch at that point it is in fact west of the West End Branch tunnels that serve Mornington Crescent. (The City branch passes under nearby Mornington Terrace and Arlington Road).

All done without Googling anything so I’m off for a lie down.
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Come on Steve surely you know that having no knowledge of a subject is no bar to having a strongly held opinion that needs regularly airing?

Howmany global warming threads start "Now I now nothing about science but......" ?
was it the philadelphia arena, home of the phildelphia kings ?

bit off the wall, but you never know.

they were the philadelphia warriors, but i think they adopted the new name from martin luther king in whose honour the arena was renamed in the 80s.
Yes Steve.

The trouble is there are a number of “questions” which are really debates and matters of opinion. I often contribute to them as I like lively debate.

This particular question was really a matter of fact. When that type of questioned is raised I try to keep out unless I know a little bit about the topic.

I suppose the trouble arises when a question is possibly a matter of fact or maybe a matter of opinion (e.g. those on Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it is now called).
The home of the jamaican governor caught fire that year but I suspect it is a trick question possibly on fire as in doing really well was there a horse that year or a sporting team with palace or castle in the name that did exceptionally well
Could it be Alexandra Palace, although I'm not sure anyone royal ever lived in it.

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