Its up EURs

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youngmafbog | 13:45 Fri 11th Feb 2011 | News
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Commons voted 234 to 22 to stick two fingers to the EU.

What have all you Europhiles got to say about that then?


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is this about the vote for criminal;s scum?

great finally some gumption, now lets tell them to foxtrot Oscar wholesale!
13:59 Fri 11th Feb 2011
is this about the vote for criminal;s scum?

great finally some gumption, now lets tell them to foxtrot Oscar wholesale!
What were they voting on?
Prisoner's rights to vote I think. Glad to see common sense prevailed.
If it is about the right of prisoners to vote then why stick two figures to the EU?

The European Court of Human Rights is a distinct entity and is not a branch of the European Union (EU).

The European Court of Human Rights should not be confused with the European Court of Justice - the EU's highest court.

Would be helpful if you EU haters could at least get your facts right before launching yet another rant.
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Society should be allowed to vote freely and fairly. As a murderer/rapist etc. you should neither be free or be part of society. Hence you should not be allowed to vote. Would anyone want people such a that to be allowed to shape society?
McMouse FACTS you cant cloud a rant with facts.

I just don't know whats come over you, what were you thinking of?
once upon a time - the time of Magna Carta - England led the world in human rights. Thank goodness MPs are demonstrating their wish to get back to the 11th century.

Since the UK has agreed to subscribe to human rights rulings, this may mean breaking the law. Funny how everyone hates MPs when they decide to break the rules on expenses but cheers them when they decide to break the rules on human rights.
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Question Author
Some good nit picking but there its expected. It is Europe telling us what to do no matter what entity. Thats what we are on abuot.
I know, Steve. Not everyone is, though
Silly me Dave. I really must stop considering matters on their merit and just go with the flow.
I reckon that what needs to be said is that it's a disgrace that almost two thirds of the "Honourable Members", for whatever reasons, failed to register a vote on an important subject.

Too busy filling out expenses claims instead?
Yes stop nit picking

It's a major victory against a body that has Euro in it's name

EuroParts in next on YMB's hit list - the EU's car parts arm

Then Europarks which is obviously the holiday branch of the EU

and finally Euro 2012 which is when all the MEPs get together to play football!

Don't - tell him that wikipedia and wikileaks are different though - that's a secret! or a nit pick - can't work out which!
What have Got to say ? That You got it wrong AGAIN !! forgot Eurostar. Brussels taking over the galaxy.
Jake - Brionon - McMouse

You are nothing but Lefties I bet you are all pinko leties as well

You and your facts and truths and stuff
I think Ian Collins spoke for the majority on his radio show last night. His guest at the start of the show was John Hirst.
All jolly stirring stuff.

However it will not (as it should be) the end of the matter. The Attorney-General advised those MPs gracious enough to attend yesterday’s important debate that to continue to defy the ECHR’s ruling will leave the government open to claims for compensation by aggrieved prisoners, who are no doubt already instructing their “legal teams” on how their disenfranchisement has wrecked their lives. The Attorney-General tried to persuade the House that the best course of action would be to try to persuade the Strasbourg court to change its mind.

Instead of worrying about the narrow issue of votes for prisoners MPs should be exercising their minds on the far wider issue of who makes and interprets the law in the UK. As I said in another thread, the government cannot choose which rulings it will abide by and which it will not. The ECHR has no powers to directly enforce any of its rulings and all it seems to do is to enrich lawyers who pursue their clients’ arguments sometimes to absurd lengths.

In my view the court has never really served any useful purpose to people in the UK. Citizens’ rights here are more than adequately protected by domestic laws which have been made in Parliament.
A balanced and valid point - as usual new Judge.

I was intrigued by the input into the debate by Jonathan Aitken who does have something to say from experience, having been a prisoner himself.

Mr Aitken advised that the thinkers who imagine that convicts feel seriously disenfranchised by the lack of a vote are well wide of the mark. In reality, access to e-mail and the internet which is denied, is a far higher priority for most prisoners, and the notion that a vote assists rehabilitation with a sense of responsibility and a re-entry into society is, if not actually laughable, certainly a somewhat fanciful notion.

Compensation claims need to be resisted with appropriae legislation as soon as is practical, to avoid having to fight every individual case on its merits, which will cose the government a fortune in legal defences.

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Its up EURs

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