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WShee9 | 00:54 Fri 11th Feb 2011 | News
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Not really news...but who was that guy Douglas Murray on question time;;;he seemed very clever,very erudite,rational and sensible...and he appears to be Scottish too...always a plus point....why havent we heard about him before?


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thats the one...thanks,Scotman
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Yes..seems to be a good egg...neither too far right or too far left...and he seemed to nobble the audience dissenters also....not too easy on question time....
Seen him on various politics progs quite a few times, and, yes, he's a very bright individual who always expresses himself extremely well and very convincingly.

He's been on QT several times to my knowledge.
I have never heard of Douglas Murray.
I no longer watch QT. It always seem to be a series of 'patsy' questions followed by some party political broadcasts and a well-meaning but usually inept response by the token non-politician.
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Tonight he stole the show,Scotman....he didnt take any prisoners...
If you actually follow the links in the Wiki article to some of the stuff he's written, he comes across as a total nut-job. About as erudite and rational as a Sara Palin, but much more arrogant.
I like Sara Palin.
Douglas Murray took part in an Intelligence Squared ( debate in New York about Islam a few years ago. His first contribution to the debate on the question, “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?” can be found at 7:30.

The first post in this debate is here...
The best question time for months.

Yes he was excellent, and told it like it is with no holds barred.

What a difference in the way he conducted himself, compared with Mehdi Hasan
I watched the first 20 minutes and recorded the rest and will watch the remainder this evening, but he seemed OK what I saw. But don't you think the audiences of late are rather unbalanced in favour of the left? At one time the Beeb you to tell you how surveys were carried out to try to get an even balance, I think that policy has now been comprehensively stuffed.
I think the audiences are generally against the party in power because generally the nation is.

NotEasy to be popular in opposition because you don't have to make the trains run on time.

Had there been a Labour administration in power right now the audience would be in there baying for blood looking like a right wing mob.

Probably the same people too.
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Get rid of that prat Cameron and put Murray in instead.....if they can do it in Egypt....
And put in the Brotherhood of Muslims, not Egypt?

You do see some daft comments on AB......
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I dont understand Murray in secret league with some kind of Muslim brotherhood?

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Douglas Murray

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