Bread and Clean Water or the Radio

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RebelSouls | 13:19 Fri 04th Feb 2011 | News
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What do you think a starving child would want if he had the option ?

listen to the BBC on the radio or some food and water



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Perhaps they could raise the necessary funds by axing such shows as Eastenders?
I think they'd probably rather have both and let the Pope visit somewhere else don't you?

Good to see you're still here - there was some daft anti-BBC story the other week and everybody was scratching their heads wondering where you were
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A good quality shampoo may help.
Good point raised there Jake when they go to bed hungry they can listen to the pope give mass.
Is he on the bbc radio a lot.
Or perhaps make cuts in the fund to tackle world poverty also, then we could also see everyone's need to take cuts, in a cash strapped nation?
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Aog i also hate giving money to other countries but and this is a big but i read most of your posts and i can tell by the way you write that you would not begrudge a starving person having some food and water whatever his skin colour.
Foreign aid's a very laudable concept, but what happened to that old adage "Charity begins at home"? What are the governments in those countries doing to help alleviate the suffering and starvation of their own citizens? Not a lot, they're far too embroiled in corruption and civil warfare to bother about starving kids.

The international community should be having all these despots and dictators ousted instead of having to go around clearing up the mayhem and deprivation caused by them in the first place.

There again, not every one of these countries is an oil rich state, is it?

On a one to one basis of course I wouldn't, but we are not talking about one or two here, we are talking about thousands upon thousands, and for years upon years, vast amounts of monies have been ploughed into countries such as Africa, with very little difference being shown of how the ordinary person lives.

Most of this aid comes from Western countries, although there are other countries on the continent of Africa that enjoy riches beyond compare but do they contribute to their fellow Africans?

Very much is heard of the way Africa was raped, pillaged, and plundered in the 19th century, but taking that into consideration, colonisation did much for Africa's development at that time, public buildings, schools, railways, bridges, dams, wells, and irrigation etc.

Until those Africans who we educated at Oxford, Eaton or Cambridge went back to Africa, and said hey man you are being down trodden by the British, French, German etc let's kick these foreigners out.

The rest is history.
<<the budget of the Department for International Development (DfID)>>

is intended and used for many things other than providing food and water. Indeed its remit is long term development not feeding people.

R Soles - you are confused about the difference between overseas development and emergency relief

Yet another subject you can use to display your ignorance
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<<hey man>>

it's interesting how posters can proclaim all kinds of attitudes and beliefs and then betray their true nature in the most casual remark.

For example, some people might consider the use of the term "hey man" when supposing the imagined dialogue in an imagined scenario involving africans actually betrays a rather misguided and outdated racial stereotype.

If so, I think it would betray a stereotyped mode of thinking that would pollute that person's views on any related topic and is one best disposed of.
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Good Point AOG thing is we have to try and help as it is not our nature to let people suffer,

Zeuhl // R Soles

Yet another subject you can use to display your ignorance //

The name is RebelSouls, I think that displays your ignorance.
RSoles is more fitting

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Bread and Clean Water or the Radio

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