How can women protect themselves from attack?

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rov1200 | 21:15 Wed 29th Dec 2010 | News
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It now seems a weekly occurrence for a lone woman to be either raped or killed. There are numerous defence classes available but it seems they are not very well attended. There are some simple techniques which women should be aware of and do not take any practice in using them.

For instance a well publicised method is to use two fingers to jab in the opponents eyes causing him some discomfort,

This method was also used successfuly recently when a person was grabbed by an alligator and he managed to free himself by jabbing his fingers into its eyes so releasing him.

This may be of help:

Are there any other types of techniques?


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I was told by a female colleague that noise and a hat pin were the best weapons. She said the hat pin could be used even wearing gloves and could be used even if you are attacked from behind..
I agree with CEI123321 that we should stop living in the dark ages and be allowed to carry firearms like they do in the U.s. I personally would be more happier knowing that our wives, daughters and mothers are trained and carrying a Desert Eagle for any rapist or attacker to try his luck with.
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You would think that screaming or creating a lot of noise would prevent an attack. But only yesterday a witness opposite the architects house was in the street lighting a cigarette when she heard screams from just a few yards away. She ignored these and went back indoors......I mean nobody would suspect a murder is taking place on their street would they. As for rape alarms you have to have one physically in your hand not your handbag for effect. Also if a person is about to strangle you then he will be facing in your direction. Whatever action you take should be quick before the assailant realises what you intend.
I agree about the noise thing. After the lady was stabbed outside my old house (she fought back despite him stabbing her 7 times and he eventually ran off) we had a lot of police around asking questions. One of the lads up the road said they had heard screams but not thought anything of it. We lived right next to a park and there were always kids running about making noise.

You can get rape alarms from Clas Olufson too if you have one near you (one in Manchester Arndale). They used to do them in Argos (mine is from there) but I went to get one for a friend after she was chased after a night out and they don't sell them anymore.
I think that an effective alarm would have to be one that doesn't just make a high pitched noise like every other alarm. Maybe "Help" screamed out at maximum volume would help.

When I was younger my mum told me to carry a brick in my handbag and just 'welly' any attacker with the bag. ;-)
Jenna you mean Clas Ohlson don't you (they're Swedish you know:) http://www.clasohlson...tartPageProducts.aspx

And did you, Wolf?? :D

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How can women protect themselves from attack?

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