Food Vouchers for the unemployed

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rov1200 | 12:32 Sat 18th Dec 2010 | News
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Isn't this a sensible idea especially if it could eventally replace some of the claimants benefits?


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I think it's a good idea for the long term unemployed only.

It's not hard to look at someones working history. Say if someone has worked 30 years solid, gets made redundant, hasn't managed to find employment for over two years, they can't be put in the same bracket as someone who has never worked.
This is a good idea, but it should never replace benefits.

Being made un-employed must carry enough problems with it, without the additional stigma of having to hand in vouchers to get food.

Regarding the long term un-employed these should be offered the first job that becomes available, and if they refuse then their benefits are cut, and then they have to apply for food vouches.
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Great then why not issue food vouches instead of wages or salaries?

At least it would solve the countries obesity problem at the same time. (the government could reduce the amounts periodically)
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I can imagine an outcry from the people who use their benefits to buy fags and beer
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or unnecessary clothing,gambling and drugs Cazz but mostly to protect the children not receiving enough or the correct food.
cazzz1975, can you also imagine the corner shokeeper only too willing to exchange food tokens for fags 'n' beer. You've no need to worry on that score.
It isn't food vouchers instead of benefits. It's for people who are waiting for claims to go through or who can't get a crisis loan.
I imagine it would be like during the war when there would be some people willing to sell clothes coupons or sweet rations - should be easy to sell food vouchers unless there was some failsafe thing I don't know about. Someone will always find the loophole to benefit more than others.
I can remember a family of six who were given a full set of brand new clothing for all the children every year . They used to promptly sell most of it as it was only the eldest who needed a larger size . All the others had hand me downs like most families, The same family were also sent off on free annual holidays to a holiday camp. The husband was a greengrocer so there was an income coming into the home. That was about 30 years ago so living on benefits is not something new.

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Food Vouchers for the unemployed

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