Should conversion to Muslim radialisation be a crime?

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rov1200 | 23:46 Mon 13th Dec 2010 | News
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From experience we know this leads to hate and in some cases violent disorder against Western values. To tackle the problem at too late a stage may result in many deaths especially if they have radiacalised others. At present we only tackle the Imams for spreading their hate
Shouldn't the penalty at least be deportation or a prison sentence?.


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How exactly would this new law work?

How would you prove someone had knowingly radicalised someone?

What would constitute radical Islam?

Many posters refer to you as a racist for other reasons.

Reasons that you ae well aware of.
"My answer is yes, any person old or young that is radiacalised and converted to a so called religion that preaches hate and from there goe's on to teach and try to convert others should be arrested and proscecuted for racial and religious intollerance and racial hatred and incitement to violent disorder."

Can we include gay-hating Christians in that?

Please say we can!!!!
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I thought I had given the answer about how to tackle extremists. Control Orders have been used by the security services so they have to report to the police station, have tags fitted and are under continual surveillance. There must have been a reason why these potential terrorists have been selected....its only the fact that their intentions have not been finally put into practice.

We should intervene more and give those under control orders notice that if their activities continued they would be booted out of the country or locked up until they conform. They know they are under suspicion so there is no excuse.

But how on earth would you ever successfully launch a prosecution against someone for 'converting someone to radical Islam'?

I saw something on the news last night - one of the cleric from a mosque in Luton was responsible for chucking out that chap who went on to blow himself up in Sweden the other night.

Say if he'd survived and claimed to have been radicalised in the mosque - what defence would the cleric have?

And how would you monitor the Internet??? Is this not where so many of our young radicals get their ideas from? If you can't clean pornography from he net, you're not going to get very far with fundamentalist sites.
Those in favour of Control Orders argue that they are necessary because they establish restrictive conditions upon an individual who is likely to commit a crime or to encourage/aid another person (or persons) to commit a crime in the future. They are necessary because our entire criminal law system is set up in such a way as to punish those individuals who have already committed a crime or who have made an attempt to carry out a crime. A 'criminal attempt' is described in law as, “... an act that is more than merely preparatory...”.

Simply planning something is not recognised in law as 'an attempt'. Hence, Control Orders. Which are as near to a 'thought crime' as it is possible to be.

Even those of a Daily Mail persuasion must admit that it's a pretty draconian system that places very restrictive conditions upon a person who has committed no crime and is often unaware of the accusations levelled against them and not told of the evidence that has resulted in them being the subject of a Control Order.

I have no desire to be shot, knifed or blown up by anyone of any persuasion – particularly those religious fanatics that I disprove of so strongly. If I were dispatched in such a manner by those misguided individuals and if such a thing were possible, I would turn in my grave.

But Control Orders are the thin end of a very thin wedge.
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Well said Birdie!
/// I saw something on the news last night - one of the cleric from a mosque in Luton was responsible for chucking out that chap who went on to blow himself up in Sweden the other night.///

Yes that was interesting that was.

Funny though that the cleric only reported that, after it was announced that the suicide bomber attended that particular Mosque in Luton.

Asked if he had been reported to the police, the answer was no.

Imagine if the bomber had killed scores of people? Then if the cleric had spoken out, instead of keeping quiet, all those lives would have been saved.
Question Author
I think we know AOG whose side the silent majority of Muslims are really on.

/// Many posters refer to you as a racist for other reasons.///

/// Reasons that you ae well aware of.///

Well that is rich coming from the closeted racist, who recently came out with these anti whites and anti heterosexuals remarks.

/// we can get the country sorted out from the mess that white straight males have left it in...///

///...illegal wars, economic melt down, political corruption...and look who's responsible - white straight males ///

And your latest, anti Christian post.

/// Can we include gay-hating Christians in that? ///

Nice try, but no-one is would need to post the links to threads you pulled those from to see what those comments are related to.

Very naughty - and like I is fooled.

No matter how much you squirm, those are your exact racist words, which I told you at the time, I would archive for future use.

Apparently they came in very useful in exposing you to other ABers, to be the racist that you are, a fact that not surprisingly you would rather wish to conceal

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Should conversion to Muslim radialisation be a crime?

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