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RebelSouls | 19:32 Fri 26th Nov 2010 | News
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Ross, who said that he “couldn’t wait” to leave the BBC

Soon changed his mind


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Shame - I can't stand him.
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You are not alone
But of course you don't have a TV so won't have to watch him
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No doubt he will be back in all the newspapers.
Seeing as there is no question to this post, I will answer my own.

I am not a fan of Ross, but his shows usually get big ratings for the BBC. His inclusion as a guest on a late nigh BBC2 programme might attract a few more viewers than it might otherwise get. When Ross has made programmes about things he is enthusiastic about, such as Comics and Japanese Godzilla films, they tend to be rather good.

Ross is smart, and did not burn his bridges when his contract ran out at the BBC, hence he is now able to still make programmes with them.

If you do not like it don't watch it.
£18 million for his previous 3 year contract? Yes i would be running back over glass,thorns and hot coals if requested too!
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Gromit are you not going to post some made up lies and blame The Daily Mail. Notice the reports are from The Telegraph and The Guardian.
Which one are we supposed to be cross with ................the BBC or Jonathon Ross ?

And if you don't like JR at least you don't contribute to his wage packet.
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I have done in the past Jack or should i say forced to pay
Great - I love Jonathon Ross! Hurrah for the beeb!
But that is, for you, happily no longer the case, RS..........
£18 million was not his 'wage packet', it was the sum his company got - over three years - for actually making the programmes; so it includes the salaries of researchers and tea ladies and so forth. More money than I have ever made but not out of line with the general cost of making television programmes.
It says here "Ross, who said that he “couldn’t wait” to leave the BBC before his £18million, three-year contract expired in July, will be back just six months later to take part in a programme about astronomy in January on BBC Two."

"His" implies that it belonged to him jno, no mention of researchers or tea ladies who must've had their own contracts.
I don't think so, Micky, it was reported at the time that it was for his production company, not him personally. So the money was the cost of producing the programmes the company made for the BBC and that would include the pay of any staff involved - I was just guessing about tea ladies, but if any they would have worked for his company not for the BBC. No doubt he made quite a lot for himself, but it was nothing like £6 million a year (I heard half a million, but that was just gossip and may not be true).
Maybe just the media rumormonging to get us angered and buying their papers as we all stand around watercoolers all over the country chewing the fat over a story that probably isn't even true and as usual we buy it hook line and sinker till the truth inevitably rears it's head, but by then we're already hooked on a new story and the truth of an old story is now irrelevant. Damn they're good at what they do!
Funny, on Loose Women he said he can a new contract with ITV!
This is his production company..

..I think it's basically his wife.
I can't stand him either. His smutty remarks and saying to his female guests, "you're gagging for it". Yeuk, so rude and disrespectful. As if any woman, with the exception of his loopy wife would fancy Him!
his wife's very bright and successful; she wrote Stardust, which I greatly enjoyed. But it won't just be her - the usual cameramen, lighting and sound engineers etc will all have to be paid out of the money from the Beeb, and I think there's a co-producer too. Plus the usual premises, property taxes and whatnot. He won't be poor, but that 'headline figure' of £18 million wildly overstates it.
// Gromit are you not going to post some made up lies and blame The Daily Mail. Notice the reports are from The Telegraph and The Guardian //

OK, here goes. Jonathan Ross was highly paid but delivered the BBC some high ratings. Accordinding to the Daily Mail, he was instrumental in the death of Princess Diana, he smothered and murdered the 112 year old Mother Theresa, and was responsible for us not getting the 2018 world cup.

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