Sir Bob finally gets an apology

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RebelSouls | 19:03 Thu 04th Nov 2010 | News
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Will you dig deep into your pockets now that you know the BBC report was lies. Knowing your money will help feed the poor starving people will you give a bigger donation.



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Here is what the Guardian had to say
Good Evening, RebelSouls

Sorry for having to ask you this, but do you have a grievance with the BBC at all, as it seems a good majority of your threads are about them and their incompetance.

In answer to your question to keep on topic......i always give generously to charities, and do work for some too free of charge, so will continue too, as and when i can.
Question Author
May i thank you for giving to charity. Does my dislike at the parasites at the BBC show.
Like a turd in a swimming pool, rebel............why the resentment? Did you perhaps work for them and they let you go?.....or you think they are conning the public with their licence fees.

TV Licence fees will now be frozen until 2017 so happy days in that respect for a change.

It's just i have some good friends at the BBC, especially working in Radio and some in TV, and was just intrigued by continuing campaign against them.

I would understand if you dont reply, so no worries. :0)
"Does my dislike at the parasites at the BBC show"


No, not at all....
Question Author
No problem yogi one at the BBC knows my email address , saying that she has had a lot of emails from me. I am always polite to them and thank them for the lies they send me.
Question Author
Thank you Boo a link to all my previous posts comes up, would you be able to give me a link that shows up all my posts to the Mail and Express.
Thanks for your reply, rebel.......What sort of e-mails do they send you and you to them?
Bloody hell ,you dislike the Mail and the Express as well?

You'e a very angry man aren't ya? :-)
>>> waves to Boo quickly ( hi Boo ), as Spare has threatened to ban me if i go off topic, spam or chat too much outside CB
Question Author
B00 can't fault the Mail or Express they have printed all my posts. They may have removed 1 or 2 but all have shown on their site when originally sent in.
Question Author
Sorry to hear that yogi .
lol Yogi, s'ok, i got my wrists slapped for being opinionated t'other day from The Ed, oopsie!

Ahhh well, RS, good luck in your campaign- whatever that is :-)
Cheers, rebel.......i did one word answers to make a sentence on Vibrasphere's gaming thread to help boost his over 50 posts tally, on his request, the twonk..... and it's me that gets it in the ear. Life's so unfair, eh?
lol...think we should bribe the Spare with cake, Boo....might work, eh?
Sod off, not havin' a piece of my cake!

Apologies RS, will stop and go away now, i promise.
Question Author
B00 stay as long as you like as i have a few other sites to visit.
Me too..... ( knew she would'nt share, the cheeky minx )

All the very best to you, Rebel. :0)
Don't go, Boo. Say hello to yours truly..
will sorry put food in the hungry swollen belly yo keep up good work

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!"
— Bob Marley

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Sir Bob finally gets an apology

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