How Many Reporters Does It Take To Ask A Question

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RebelSouls | 15:03 Sun 31st Oct 2010 | News
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Do you think the BBC will send less reporters to annoy our PM next time ?



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Because they work on different shows, channels and media. They will also have different correspondents, political, Economic, Europe etc.

And the Daily Mail Group is a competing rival to the BBC, so that is just easy knocking copy.

Not seen much of you lately RS, not been in the big house for licence evasion again I Hope.
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Do they need different reporters to make up different stories for different news channels. Do you go to the big house on the hill Gromit, i see the Police removed all the plants last week.
Well, a good radio reporter might be very ugly and unsuitable to put in front of the cameras, and a vocal reporter may be good at presenting the news but not good at writing it to be read on the web. Different media require different reporting skills.
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How many people are needed to change a lightbulb at the BBC ?
yes, they often need different reporters for different channels. BBC3 viewers have different interests from BBC4's. BBC radio's audience are different again, and as Gromit says neither may be any good at turning a story into copy for
Just you wait for the London Olympics they will be rolled out in force then, just as they were for the Beijing Olympics.

They wil ned some for the track event, some for the swimming events, some for the horse events, etc, etc, yawn.

Perhaps by then, some will have been given "The High Jump"
It costs money to send them all as well AOG.
I'm wondering exactly how much the DM is paying you for your anti-beeb campaign, RebelSouls. And will they stop paying you when they realise how little success you're having?
The BBC acts like a benevolent institution and like the previous Labour government know they can always go on spending taxpayers money.
Well that was an exciting thread wasn't it?

I don't think anyone will be sending any reporters to cover this particular story LOL
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rojash there is more chance that the BBC are paying you.

Zeuhl don't let me keep you from the sheep.
R Souls

I have no contact with your family whatsoever.

Don't let me keep you from your many and varied interest.
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It is not me who goes out on the moor is it Zool

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How Many Reporters Does It Take To Ask A Question

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