The Gravy Train Is Running Out Of Track

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RebelSouls | 11:33 Tue 19th Oct 2010 | News
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Is it now time to encrypt the signal and let them who praise the parasites who run this service pay for its upkeep.


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Those figures above are for a year so out of millions of letters sent they are very small
This is from the TV Licence website

What is the return on investment rate on income generated from the prosecution of TV Licence fee evaders?

TV Licence answer
The BBC doesn’t hold such information, as prosecutions don’t generate income.

Most people who had no licence still have no licence after a visit to court.
Have a look around the TV Licence website there are plenty of people with no licence if you use the figures published by them.

We serve almost 30 million households and aim to offer an efficient service to all of them.

Licences in force 24.872m

So that to me is 5 million with no licence and this figure will go up as more come out of work under chopper cameron.
See you have had a busy day

Now is the time to scrap the Licence Fee. Make the BBC encrypt its signal and let them who want to watch it PAY. Let us see if joe publc is then happy at funding the top pay for the parasites who run it.

- RebelSouls, Manchester, 19/10/2010 12:24
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I wonder how many students in their Halls of Residence consider buying a TV licence?
I dont need a TV works quite well without one...

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The Gravy Train Is Running Out Of Track

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