£100 million a year bill for BBC pensions

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RebelSouls | 18:34 Thu 19th Aug 2010 | News
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What is so special about BBC workers other people have to accept smaller pensions or pay more in.



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oh, RebelSouls.. do get some counselling!
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since you ask (though I don't imagine for a moment you want an answer), journalists can get far better pay in other media outlets; they trade off low pay for high pensions (a pension is basically deferrred pay, and they take a risk on it because they don't know how long they'll live).

If the BBC had to pay the market wage, people would only protest about paying licence fees.
imagine what he'd be like if someone actually did do something wrong to him...!
jno - I dont buy that .

If these journalists can get better pay elsewhere , my guess is that they would be on their bikes , if they could just walk into a comparable job at another broadcaster .

Most of them cant do that - they know which way their bread is buttered .
I knew who had posted this Q just by seeing the title of it in the 'Latest Posts' box :-/
........which way their bread is buttered . ?

Which side their bread is buttered
not necessarily another broadcaster, Berti (I think pay on commercial TV is even lower) but on Fleet Street, as it used to be known. I know a few BBC people and mostly they just like it there, and are prepared to accept lower pay - but with the hope of a decent pension at the end. (In fact their pensions are still less than they'd get in newspapers.)

Whether they *could* do so can only be guessed at, but I think people like Peston, for instance, would be grabbed by newspapers if he indicated he wanted to leave broadcasting. Less glamorous middle-level news people, as far as I can tell, are as good as their counterparts on newspapers, though obviously there are differences between addressing a microphone and typing on a screen.
The Beeb are probably copying the Royal Mail by building up such a large pensions black hole, it becomes impossible to privatise.
As usual a headline is taken out of context. It is the BBC staff pension fund that has been underfunded for a number of years.........BBC staff are the victims of bad financial management by the pension fund trustees.

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£100 million a year bill for BBC pensions

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