naieve question here......why are there homeless people?

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sherminator | 15:14 Wed 11th Aug 2010 | News
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I dont have any links but just read on bbc about people who distribute food to homeless people and it got me thinking...

Why cant the government just use land in a city, build a big hostel complex and let all the homeless live there? (obv i dont know how many homeless there are in each city and if this is viable)

It would give everyone a place of address and the chance to get a job and then they could contribute to the cost of living in a hostel? also they could still get all the free food that they normally get donated from foodshops and all the homeless would be in one place to make it easier!

Am i just being incredibly naieve?


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Who pays for the building to be put up?
Who pays rent? And how?
Who pays for their water/leccy and or gas?
how would you deal with the alcoholics and junkies?
spot on boo!!!
Question Author
the government pays? it said that in my opening statement?

the government gives millions to charities and local initiatives to improve towns so i dont see why this would be any different
This would be funded by the tax doubt about that.
Why are the homeless? Many and complex reasons I would suspect, but I would say that they had a "bust up" at home and just "flounced".
Drugs, alcohol abuse, so poorly educated that they can´t get a job despite almost everyone in the UK going to University.
What about the Welfare State? "We will look after after you from birth until death"

Now, would you object if plans were passed to build a hostel for "layabouts" in your road?

Sorry not to be more sympathetic although I did have an auntie in the Salvation Army.
Or we could give them all a uniform and send them to Afghanistan, that would be a lot cheaper!
Good idea sherminator.

But it is far too clever for the powers that be.

Second thoughts they could utilise all those second homes, they never live in.
Another question about ghettos! ;o)

They wouldn't get jobs because of the stigma attached to where they were living. Just imagine what a wonderful place it would be to live. It would have to have room for expansion too as millions of other join the ranks of homeless.
Most homeless people are victims of society. Many have come from broken homes and have been through the care system. A lot of others have been traumatised by their service in the armed forces, usually the army.
Many more have other serious mental illnesses. As a way of dealing with problems that seem insurmountable they take to drink or drugs. Who could blame them?
The big hostels, particularly those in London, must seem like hell on Earth to many of them.
The homeless are just like the rest of us. They've had a few bad breaks and found themselves adrift in a world that doesn't care much. That could happen to anybody. The next time you see a homeless person think this: 'There but for the grace of God, go I.'
Question Author
I understand that theres no govt money to spend just now but why wasnt this done years ago?

put them in anywhere crime rates would surely not be that bad if they have a bed and meals? obv there is problems with drink and drugs but we already spend millions trying to rehabilitate people! why not just go a step further?
Not just the uneducated end up homeless.


I've always wondered why they can't set Japanese capsule hotel type shelters for the homeless.

<<'There but for the grace of God, go I.'<<

Whilst at home, i obeyed the rules of the house until I could move out and get my own.It is called "discipline" which is a word that has disappeared from the UK vocabulary. Do as I tell you until you can move out.

Education......everybody has a chance to be educated and if they decide not to partake for any reason, that is their choice.

Drugs and alcohol..........everybody knows the score, so if they think that they know better, then so be it.

NO, when I see a down and out I will NOT say to myself " there for the grace of God go I"
Maybe they could use some of the millions they send abroad supporting countries and peoples who don't really like us but aren't slow in rattling the begging bowl when the need arises
Why can't we ship 'em out to another country far far away like we used to? Obviously not Australia anymore, that's become rather a nice place about some Godforsaken Belgium?
an article on the news last week stated that something like 40% of homeless people are ex forces.
Watch this from about 3.35 minutes in, I agree with this guy!
When the law of the land favours women, is it any wonder there are many homeless?

Many of these homeless males are the result of marriage break-ups where children are involved.

The marital home is generally granted to the female and kids, leaving the male homeless.

sorry didn't work, see link above for video
Quite a few of the young homeless are literally running away from abuse at home. The streets are clearly not the best alternative to what they're running from, but that's what they do.
Education. You don't have much opportunity if you life is being disrupted when you might be as young as 12 or 13. Schooling takes a back seat.
Drink and drugs cause problems, that's true. But if I give a beggar a few shillings I wouldn't mind if he used it to buy the anaesthetic of his choice.
Question Author
yeah Sqad am afraid you're taking a very naieve look at young people!

My mum was moved from 7 schools in England Wales and Scotland as her mum fled an abusive husband! her education was minimal and with the trauma she suffered at that age am surprised she didnt end up on the street herself!!!!

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naieve question here......why are there homeless people?

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