Should these savages have been given life?

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anotheoldgit | 13:28 Tue 03rd Aug 2010 | News
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What a horrible ordeal this poor 13 year old child was forced to endure at the hands of these 9 Asian paedophile monsters.

The report which for some reason was given a low news profile, only states the sentence given to one of the savages, and he was sentenced to nine years in prison, this was later reduced to seven years on appeal.

The whole nine should have been given life, after all isn't this the mandatory sentence for rape?


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Only it is possible the reason the sentence is so low is becasue they are Asian and we mustn't offend anyone must we ?

although I cannot see anywhere where it says they are not British, so why do you say that.

No doubt someone will glass them and then the state will be sued for a few million - like Huntley

Liberals have alot to answer for.
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Question Author
Because, had you had been a member of AB longer, you would have known that some on here are always stating that paedophiles are mainly white men.
Their skin colour is not really relevant to the crime. The article also makes a point of stating that the young girl concerned (14 years old, not 13 as stated by AOG) is white.
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The sentences given to each of them can be found here:

For once, I agree with you. The sentences do seem odd.
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Despicable lowlives - and the sentences DO seem strangely lenient.

Perhaps the story didn't get much attention because as AOG has highlighted, there are so many paedophile stories in the papers - and even the 'novelty value' of these perpetrators not being white doesn't make it a sufficiently 'big' story.

I certainly think that any story like this should be given prominence, even if to prove that occasionally paedophiles can be Asian in the same way that muggings and street crimes can occasionally be perpetrated by white kids.
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Had the girl been Asian, there would have be no need for jail sentences to be imposed, their community would have taken care of them.
Should be put in a corner & shot!
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I know a social worker in West Yorkshire and she says there is a definate racial element to this type of crime and, I am sorry to say, it happens a lot more frequantly than people imagine. Quite a lot on Ilkley Moor she says
Yes & up at the 'Tarn' in Keighley,West Yorks. Ric.ror
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It doesn't matter what colour they's truly awful..

I do wonder you think it's because of their attitude to women?
Question Author
/// even the 'novelty value' of these perpetrators not being white doesn't make it a sufficiently 'big' story.///

Oh! so you think think that because the perpetrators not being white, gives it 'novelty value' do you?

I would have thought that regardless of the fact that the perpetrators were non-white, but the fact that there were nine of the monsters is sufficient to give it nation wide coverage.

Still don't see many white gang rape news stories, thank goodness, since the those black savages were in the news, which is what started all this 'savage' exchange sp.
Although these people may be called paedophiles by few but I would rather call them rapists. I believe they should have been sentenced as rapists because for some reason paeodophiles do get lesser sentences here, and they deserve more tougher.

Then in a civilised society one must also look at the reasons why a 13 or 14 year old was wandering around at night and went as far that she just went with a complete stranger who offered her a place to sleep.
Could be a number of reasons Keyplus...
They wouldn't have viewed her as a child. In their own culture girls of that age would already be married.

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Should these savages have been given life?

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