Should he have continued to recieve legal aid?

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anotheoldgit | 16:36 Mon 02nd Aug 2010 | News
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This is a very tragic case, but for how long must these Asylum seekers be dependant on legal aid?

Osman Rasul had been legal wrangling, courtesy of legal aid for 9 years, how long can they expect this support?

They should receive aid for the first appeal, but then if asylum has then been refused they should be on the next flight home.

/// Dasthy Jamal, of the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees, blamed the immigration system. "The Home Office's immigration policy is responsible for Osman's death. After nearly 10 years he didn't have a chance to build a life here."///

I would like to ask Dasthy Jamal, what the Home Office's immigration policy should be?


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Seems a bit of an irony that his friends are having a whip round to send his body back to Iraq. That same money may have paid for his legal aid.

I notice one of the stipulations that the Home Office put on immigrants is that they should be able to support themselves. The problem is many of them arrive here penniless after paying the human traffickers first.

Therefore the conclusion is either blame the trafickers or his friends (what friends?)
Iraq is still a very dangerous country. The Home Office should have a policy of allowing people seeking political asylum to stay here and work to earn a living.
Why, when most of them have been through numerous safe countries on their way here and the rules say they should apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach?
New Judge - you have hit it on the head again! R1Geezer has been saying this for ages - but...the Immigration Appeals Tribunal and the other high courts of the land consistently fail to enforce deportation on those who do not qualify to be here, often based on specious arguments that countries like, for example, Germany do not give such generous benefits or do not regard the would- be asylum seekers in the same way as they perceive they will be seen in GB
Look the guy is dead, all your hard earned taxes are safe.
What? You think he's the only one that goes for appeal after appeal?
You can tell Britain is a soft touch when you get the likes of those terrorists held in Guatamalo suing us rather than those that carried out the torture the US. Not only that but we give them legal aid so they can sue us for £mns. They should all be deported and try to sue us from there. Crime pays it seems providing they can't find any bodies.

Even the yanks are regarding us as stupid and they're not far wrong.

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Should he have continued to recieve legal aid?

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