Longest Tennis Match Ever - And Not Over Yet!

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olddutch | 11:50 Thu 24th Jun 2010 | News
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Records broken during the unfinished Wimbledon first-round match between John Isner and Nicolas

Longest Tennis Match Ever - And Not Over Yet!

Longest match (time elapsed): Mahut-Isner currently 10 hours

Previous record: 6 hours 33 minutes - Fabrice Santoro beat Arnaud Clement, French Open, first round, 2004

Longest match (games played): Mahut-Isner currently 163 games

Previous records:

Doubles: 122 - Stan Smith and Erik van Dillen (United States) v Patricio Cornejo and Jaime Fillol (Chile) - Davis Cup, 1973

Singles: 112 - Pancho Gonzales beat Charlie Pasarell 22-24 1-6 16-14 6-3 11-9 - Wimbledon, 1969

Longest fifth set and longest set at a grand slam: Mahut-Isner's 59-59 (7 hours and 6 minutes)

Previous records:

Longest fifth set at a grand slam: Andy Roddick beat Younes El Aynaoui 4-6 7-6 4-6 6-4 21-19 - Australian Open, 2003

Longest set: 25-23 John Newcombe beat Marty Reissen 4-6 6-3 6-4 25-23 - U.S. Open, 1969

Most aces by a player and match total: 98 Isner, 95 Mahut

Previous record: 78 - Ivo Karlovic (Croatia) - 2009 Davis Cup v Radek Stepanek (Czech Republic)


Talk about fighting spirit - Amazing and unbelievable !

Will the records created by this match (providing it ever finishes) ever be broken ?


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Have they started playing again? It finished last night at 59-59
Do they just keep on going until one is so tired they collapse or do they have a break say at 9pm then resume agains 9am the next day?
I had to turn this match off as I was knackered just watching it.......what's the betting that they come out today and it ends in just 2 more games.
They kept going until it was bad light last night but the American could hardly move.
They should just settle it by pistols at dawn
it's over, the American won

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Longest Tennis Match Ever - And Not Over Yet!

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