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anotheoldgit | 08:35 Thu 17th Jun 2010 | News
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With 3 men stabbed last night in London and a youth stabbed yesterday, it seems that knife crime is still prevalent in our Capital.

This being so, why do the press not report these crime? they should be headlines.


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It's not a new phenomenon ya know.
Perhaps because shootings and stabbings are pretty much every day occurances in London (and other cities like Manchester and Liverpool too)
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I do not live in London, but assume these crimes are reported locally.

i expect you had no idea that six people were stabbed in Manchester yesterday. It was reported locally, but not nationally.

Almost all are young men attacking other young men, you and I haven't nothing to fear.
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Maybe we should have a stabbing event at the olympics as we have shooting.
Good double negative crept in there, should read:

" and I have nothing to fear. "
so many stabbings these days that it is no longer big news

the over supply of stabbing news has devalued it in news terms
The Government should ban knives, that would stop it!

"Maybe we should have a stabbing event at the olympics as we have shooting".

That would al least guarantee GBR a few gold medals.
And what is this government doing about it ?
It depends on whether any of the stabbing victims dies. That would be a bigger story (a national story, rather than a local story).

I don't think there's any conspiracy to keep it out of the news. If you found the story, then I'm sure anyone could!
I think that because it happens so often that the "shock" factor no longer exists with this crime, sad but true.
Sure in Ireland there is one such county that has so many stabbing incidences that it is called "Stab City"...
Yup Ummmm, My auntie lives there and was insulting Dublin one day she was up here visiting and lets just say she didn't take too kindly to my dad referring to Limerick as stab city..
It's had that nikname for a long long time. I use to go out with a Limerick lad when I was 16 (20 years ago) and it was called that then
Dam savages!

Dam savages?

Are you referring to beavers?
neat Sp, very neat!
...and trimmed!
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Algerian Avatar. Hmmm.

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