Why doesn't any other nation suffer as much as England in the World Cup?

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chirpychirpy | 06:44 Sun 13th Jun 2010 | News
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England's World Cup history is littered with awful goalkeeping errors, terrible refereeing decisions, stupid behaviour from key players, bad injuries to key players, poor substitution decisions, etcetera etcetera. Seems to me that if God exists he certainly doesn't support England. Why don't we have the luck that the likes of Germany have?


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>Why don't we have the luck that the likes of Germany have?

You mean the team that lost their captain, Michael Ballack, and his understudy, Christian Traesch, from their World Cup squad just days before the tournament. That was good luck wasn't it.

Our "luck" is no better or worse than other teams. Drogba broke his arm a few weeks ago, Robben is injured for Holland etc etc.

Anyway, a lot of Germany's "luck" at say penalty shoots outs comes from hard work and practice.

I remember a famous golf pro a few years ago "Funnily enough, the more I practice the luckier I get".
That was Gary Player.
Why doesn't any other person suffer as much as me in the World Hangover Cup?

My World Hangover Cup history is littered with awful drinking errors, terrible drinking decisions, stupid drinking behaviour from me, bad drinking injuries to me, poor drinking decisions, etcetera etcetera. Seems to me that if dog exists he certainly doesn't support me. Why don't I have the luck that the likes of everyone else has?
The problem is emphasis, Ireland were unlucky to be knocked out of the qualifiers by France, but, you won't be reading about France's hand ball in the British media twenty years later.
When dubious decisions go our way (Like Geoff Hurst's goal) we present the argument it was right, whereas the opponent's media will state the contrary.
There's nothing unlucky about bad goal keeping.
Aww, bibble ...

I'm sorry to hear about your rotten luck.

Wrong kerb, or lamp post, in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

And those glass doors on some bars ... dangerous.

no injuries, just a self-inflicted hangover, but thanks anyway jj
From watching the first few games I would say the problem with the England team is that it's made up from eleven individuals who seem incapable of playing as a team.
Dont try organic wine - whoever said it is hangover free is a rotten liar
I don't think we are any unluckier than any other team. Every team will at some stage in the tournement have at least one howler, thankfully ours has come earliy and was not catastrophic. In other world cups we've had them later in the knock out stages and that has hurt. I mean in 1990 we lost on a shoot out but we did give away a soft goal early on when the ball got deflected up and over Shilton from the wall. Ditto the famous hand of god goal! Anyway you make your own luck.
What stood out to me compared with the Germans was the vicious sliding tackles we made whereas the Germans just stood off and had more success.
To be honest, england aren't great against the big teams, and the only time that england meet big teams is the world cup and lesser extent the euros. England fans are overly patriotic in that they always think they've got a chance of winning the world cup but the facts are that england have only reached the seni finals once since 1966.
Scotland, Wales and NI seem to have won the cup so many times!
It's not our 'bad luck' which prevents us from winning tournaments

It's the fact that we are just not good enough

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Why doesn't any other nation suffer as much as England in the World Cup?

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