How dirty can they get?

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anotheoldgit | 15:22 Wed 09th Jun 2010 | News
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Isn't it now time we took off our 'velvet gloves' and played as dirty as the Taliban are playing.

No good anyone saying, "that to do this, would make us no different from the Taliban".If it does so be it, give them some of their own medicine, playing the good guys isn't getting us anywhere. So an end to such things as providing them with surgical treatment on humanitarian grounds

We have superior fire power and superior machines for delivering this fire power, let them feel the full force of a 21st century modern fighting force.


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If superior fire power was the answer the war wouldn't have lasted a week. The West will leave Afghanistan eventually and the Taliban will probably be a big element of their government.
It's galling to hear of UK casualties while knowing that their lives were wasted for no good reason.
I don't think we do our more than capable forces any good by bleating like hysterical old women.

Booby traps and biological warfare are not new - we have them in our own arsenal and would use them if we needed to.

Providing medical assistance to captured enemy has been standard practice in the British Army for a long time - I don't think armchair Colonel Blimps calling for it to change will cut much ice.

Anyone with any real military understanding knows that ///superior fire power and superior machines/// don't help in this sort of conflict in this sort of terrain.

The questioner may think he knows better than our first rate commanders on the ground but it is apparent he doesn't.

You really don't get it do you AOG?

The Taliban wuold just love us to "play dirty" it would totally alienate the population and raise their recruitmernt no end.

IRA recruitment was at it's height during internment.

Perhaps you can defeat a guerilla army if it's your own country - it's not easy but it's been done.

But if your objective is to leave the country it's simply impossible to militarilly defeat one.

The idea that you can militarilly defeat them and go home is a dangerous fantasy.

We have two choices - talk to them or run away

Like it or not they have to form part of a government in Afghanistan we are fighting now to make sure that they do not have the strength to be the only government in Afghanistan.

Like when Margaret Thatcher and Lord Carrington handed over Zimbabwe to Mugabe
damn, i jumped to this question hoping it was something about the girls from the saturdays.
That'll teach you! ;o)

what? from aog?

I suspect that these days he needs reminding what girls are.

In fact he may need reminding what saturdays are.

well he was posting soft porn pictures in his lady gaga wears burkha sensation.

i do feel a litle daft (disappointed). in my defence i didn't know it was aog until i got here.

so now we have covered:
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whatever next ? ....something completely different....?
Actually you have to say it's a brilliant tactic

It instills fear in those dealing with these devices, slows them down and demotivates recruitment for the role.

It only has to be done with a small number of the devices to have an effect but most importantly it catches the eye of people back home.

MP Patrick Mercer who's publicised this must be a moron to make a fuss about it not to mention the Mail!

They are spreading fear amoungst the famillies of the troops out there and sapping the willingness of the UK population to continue.

The Taliban must be very happy with the prominance this story has.

They must be very happy with you AOG come to think about it.
Just ask the Soviets how they got on against the Taliban predecessors, the Mujahideen, from 1979-89, with the might of the Soviet war machine at their disposal.
The Taliban are doing well if they can screen people for H.I.V and hepatitus.
Orcadian Oil, the big difference between now and then is that they're not being supplied with arms via a third party.
Time to pull out and leave them to it

Why are we there anyway? Is it our war?

Its the modern day Vietnam war
I thought banditry was illegal under islam so where are they getting HIV infected needles, surely there are no bandits in afganistan.
With over 300,000 Afghan troops now trained why are we hanging on anyway. The terrorists must be heavily outnumbered now and yet don't even possess the same weaponry.

Our prescence there is only a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists.
It's another Vietnam/Ireland....we won't win.
/// there are no bandits in afganistan///

The majority of the world's HIV positives are heterosexuals.


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How dirty can they get?

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