A little too late?

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anotheoldgit | 12:45 Wed 09th Jun 2010 | News
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It is a start, but is it too little, too late?

Now if they follow this up with the removing all signs and leaflets in a multitude of languages, then followed up with the abolishment of bodies of interpreters, then this will be getting somewhere.

If an interpreter is absolutely necessary, then this should be a chargeable service, to the immigrant/asylum seeker.


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Skimmed through link but Oldgit if this measure of being able to speak basic english to control immigration was not implemented, you would be complaining about future immigrants who wish to settle here not being able to speak basic english.

It is not a question of being alittle too late but future considerations for social integration and as you highlight then economic ones as well.

It's unfair to penalize settled immigrants who require public services.

And besides, I did get this from the link - 'The measure is designed to close a loophole exploited by thousands of immigrant's who sneak into Britain.'

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A little too late?

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