Is it too late to change the Labour leader?

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rov1200 | 10:53 Thu 29th Apr 2010 | News
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Labour were already doing badly before this latest gaffe about immigration. The latest polls will drag them down further. If Brown had any respect for his own party he would stand down immediately. Although only just over a week to the elections they could reinstate a temporary leader such as Milliband.

Brown is now the Tory trump card in winning the next election. It could all be changed.


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don't be a titfertat rov.
Question Author
Geezer never heard of being run over by the proverbial bus? Nothing is set instone.
>Labour were already doing badly before this latest gaffe about immigration.

It was NOT just about immigration. The woman spoke to him about pensions, national debt and so on.

What it WAS about was Gordon Brown (like most politicans) living in a cosseted world where they rarley if ever meet "real" people and rarely if ever hear what "real" people think.

With their expense accounts and huge pensions the recession and national debt does not affect them.

With their stays in expensive hotels, and being driven round in expensive hotels, they dont see any of the effects of immigration.

They live in a totally false world and dont like it when anyone tells them what life is really like.
well if Brown is dumped between now and thursday I'll vote Labour how's that!
>and being driven round in expensive hotels


I meant cars of course not hotels.
....and sleeping in expensive cars eh?
This will make you laugh
Amusing Gordon Brown video
Way too late - all sorts of hurdles to selecting a new leader

A more interesting side of this is what if Clegg says he'd only support a Labour government with a different PM after the election

There'd be screams of protest of course "Constitutional affront" etc. but they might - Gordon could step down after a "health scare" - it's happened before Eden did after Suez.

That would leave you with the Deputy leader

Your second favourite

Harriet Harman!

Well at least she's related to Cameron
Brown does not have to be dumped immediately for the Lib/Dems to do a deal, if a hung parliament occurs. Clegg could request a Labour leadership Contest as being a condition of an alliance. It would then be up to other candidates to come forward, and for the Labour Party to decide if they want to stick with Brown or replace him.

The whole Labour leadership mess is all down to Blair staying too long. As it happened, by the time Brown got the job and wasn't great at it, it was too late to have a leadership contest before an election.
True Gromit but staying too long is always a problem.

Much as I hate to admit it, this was Maggies problem too.

However in both of their favours I suspect it was due to the fact they knew there was no one suitable to take over.

Brown is not a leader and in my humble opinion neither was Major. For the record Major was the only time I was caused to not vote Tory. I also had to consider leaving the country so much so I had my H21B visa and actually moved to the States.

We are, however, in very dangerous terittoy here. I would prefer Brown in power to a hung parliament. The 'City' is a very strong force and we could end up in a similar situation to Greece.
We are already in the same situation as Greece only not as far down the line! If the international markets lose confidence in whichever government we get we could soon catch up with them!
We are a very long way away from Greece

Look at the numbers
actually, it seems Brown has got a lot of support over all this, according to a poll the Sun took - but mysteriously failed to publish...
I thought he was dreadful tonight. Repeating himself like a cracked record - but yes, it's much too late for Labour to change leaders.
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The fact that Brown was not elected in the first place you would think it a formality for him to stand down without resulting to the rule books.

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