Yet another stabbing

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anotheoldgit | 14:02 Mon 19th Apr 2010 | News
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Another teenager murdered early on Sunday, a teenage girl shot dead on Wednesday. It is becoming more and more common these days that some papers do not even bother to report the crimes.

Ask anyone the name of these two latest victims and practically no one would know, but every one would know about Stephen Lawrence.What is the reason for this is it because these latest crimes are mainly Black on Black crimes, so the whole community keeps quiet?

But the Lawrence murder was presumably committed by White youths, so the Black community demanded action.


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Thanks for those jno, I Googled the victims name but could only come up with the one I posted, and the Sun.

Why wasn't it in the Guardian? I typed the name in their search engine but got no results.
You forgot to say 'black savages'. Please do so immediately.
I get a choice of London TV, or another region.

I choose the other region, because the London news is so often a stabbing or the like.
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As much as I would like to accommodate you, I have re-read my post, and I can't fit it in, sorry.
When violence becomes commonplace it stops being news.
The grief of the parents of a murdered black teenager would be as deep as that of any other parent who lost a child to violence.
Why does the 'black savages' comment have to dragged up so often?
Quinlad....if the caps fits - you said it !
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Humour them ummmm, they have very little else to say, and it keeps them happy.

You know "little things----------".
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Interesting I have again search the Guardian and could not find anything about this recent stabbing, but they did report on a stabbing that took place in Cardiff on 11th April.

The difference being the victim appears to be Asian and by their names the perpetrators were white.
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Similar thing happened in South Shields at the weekend,no mention in any National papers.
I was just to going to add thet ever, they forget about 'us lot' up
it does seem to be black youths most of the time, is it the gang culture do you think?
aog, the original link you printed unfortunately seems to have spelt the victim's name wrong, so if you googled that you wouldn't have got much else. It was Sterling, not Stirling.

I have no idea why the Guardian haven't run the story but I suspect it's because they're giving a lot of their space over to the election at the moment, which seems proper.
There's also that saying - one death is a tragedy, but the fifty deaths is a statistic.

AOG, it works with fallen soldiers too. I just asked a couple of well-read people I know, "Who was Lance Corporal Adam Drane?" and they knew.

However, could you name the last soldier to be killed in action in Afghanistan.

Re: Stephen Lawrence...

Not a very good example. That was a MAJOR news story. Everyone knows his name.

However, so was Kris Donald, and he was a white kid killed by Asians.

Racist/homophobic/child/sex murders garner more press coverage because they generate more anger.
"What is the reason for this is it because these latest crimes are mainly Black on Black crimes, so the whole community keeps quiet?"


A racially motivated attack is more serious, more rare and therefore more newsworthy than one that isn't racially motivated.

Hence the difference between Stephen Lawrence case and this one.

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Yet another stabbing

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