Labour spending promise - bit late for that isn't it

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VHG | 07:08 Sun 11th Apr 2010 | News
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So Labour's election manifesto will contain "no big new spending commitments", party sources have said.

The manifesto will set out "a determination for every penny to be used wisely".

Pity that was not their plans while actually IN power for the last 13 years or we not be in the mess we are in now.

Lets face it, they have no option but to "spend wisely" as they have managed to bankrupt the country so have no money left.

Gordon Brown has been so happy to "spend, spend,spend" without a thought or care how it was going to be paid for. This guy should NEVER have been allowed free reign with our economy.


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Britain isn't bankrupt. Have a look at these figures (they seem to date from early last year):


Every country has a national debt, but ours is on the low side.
It amazes me that people without qualifications in the relevant area are given jobs in government. As far as I know, Gordon Brown has a history degree, and Alistair Darling has a law degree, and yet they're entrusted with the country's economy. I'm pretty sure no other 'company' would employ them as accountants.
It made me laugh (hollowly) when GB said last week that Labour would up taxes in one way or another, to ensure that we would all be paying for the great Health Service to continue. As if we are not already!, and as if they haven't poured millions in already on initiatives which haven't worked. I'm not grumbling about the NHS because they pay my wages, I'm grumbling about the thrown-in money from above on projects devised by ministers who haven't got a clue.
just before the last election manchester was having a super casino, this was going to create 2,500 jobs for a poor section of manchester.
blair hands over to brown sod the casino, the land is still empty.
last week on the radio news a labour spokesperson said if they stay in power they will create a million new jobs.
cameron then came on and said he would make big changes if he got in power .

they are both full of s***

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Labour spending promise - bit late for that isn't it

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