Noo Labour spending plans.....

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R1Geezer | 10:56 Tue 16th Mar 2010 | News
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The EU are ordering the governement to rein in the spending but it is widely believed this may well tip us into recesion. So what is Gordon to do? Steal Tory policy or defy the EU? Tough one Gordon!


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Modeller please do the courtesy of getting my name right

1st don't really care what Labour plan to do and don't really see its relevance?
2nd yes IHT can go up but i think its ridiculous to be at 1 million!

3rd Marriage is an outdated concept that is used less and less and should NOT give benefits(they also have to be paid for!)
I can raise kids just as well whether theres a bit of paper in place or not! and as the only reason divorce rates have gone don is due to recession and not because people want to get married its hardly the institution it once was.
sherminator How's that ? If you think that's is so important.
1st It is relevant if you intend to vote Labour and you are not voting Tory,
on that point neither am I.
2nd I agree 1 million is too high but it was you who said 1 million not me.

3rd I agree again, marriage is not the institution it once was but
# an outdated concept # Wow ! I don't think social services would agree with that
one and none of the main political parties.

4th For the record there are many sucessful unmarried families .My own daughter
for instance so I'm sorry if I hit a raw nerve.
much better on the name part!
well you seem to be coming round to my way of thinkin
Marriage certainly isnt the institution it once was. As a religious festival and what with this country being mostly secular i def think its a crappy piece of paper that only serves a purpose once children are involved(another debate!)

anyway so you agree the tory plans to raise IHT are bad and you also have anecdoal evidence that married people dont need tax breaks!

what was your point again? you seem to agree with me!!!!
I agree with you on another point marriage without chidren has far less purpose but isn't that a crucial point and the reason why the Torys have suggested paying the couple a marriage allowance. No doubt you have heard it said by married couples
that " It's the kids that have kept us together. " As you say that is another debate.
SOCIETY - make it less broken
FAMILIES - improve things
MONEY - boost it for all
ENVIRONMENT - stop harm
LIFE - increase betterness and make badness go away

Geezer, I'm sure you've followed general elections in the past. Your excuse about them not seeing the books is nice, but do you not agree that this level of vagueness is unprecedented? Applauding it as a electioneering tactic is a bit dodgy.
Quinlad is right.

This isn't a public company the Tories are taking over.

Everything that the Govenment are doing - Have done is in the public domain or are the press smarter than the Tory's.

We are left with three reasons

1) They have no policies

2) They have policies that would be so unpalatable to the majority that they wouldn't get elected.

3) They would do exactly what the Labour party are going to do.

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Noo Labour spending plans.....

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