Compulsory Insurance for all dogs......

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R1Geezer | 13:54 Tue 09th Mar 2010 | News
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As usual the law abiding masses have to pay for the minority of scum. OK it's not a bad Idea to have insurance but does anyone think the owners of "dangerous" dogs are the sort of people who give a rats ar5e about the legalities of dog ownership. Basher from Asbo land will not bother, only the decent law abiding dog owners will be affected. Another piece of Noo Labour ill thought out spin?


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Unusually, I agree with you Geezer.

There will not be the money to enforce this. The money raised will be far short of the cost of running the scheme. The people it is aimed at will ignore it. More dogs will be abandoned, and absolutely nothing will be accomplished.
Absolutely agree too.
Er that's the point Geezer.

Those who don't bother will find themselves breaking the law and liable to havuing their poochs impounded and possibly crushed!
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I would imagine most conscientious dog owners aleady buy insurance anyway - if not necessarily for the public liability aspect (which is included automatically in dog insurance) then certainly for vet bills.

I wouldn't be without it.

5 years ago my (now sadly dead) Lab had to have an MMR and this together with the subsequent treatment was about £3000 - all picked up by insurance.

As Geezer says, those it is aimed at won't buy it anyway.
It's simple

You and I (and the police) can walk about and see dogs that are clearly there as an aggressive accessory for their owner.

What can the police do about it now? sweet fa! because the dangerous dog act is a well known joke.

This is about giving the Police power to do something about it

No agency, no burocracy just more power for the police to act.

Do you have a better suggestion?
Basher from ASBO land owns a pit bull - which are illegal anyway.

I own a staffy. I've always had staffies since before they came 'fashionable' and I bet insurance will be priced according to breed. Owning a staffy will be comparable to attempting to insure a Ferrari.
and why do you think staffs became the chavs dog/weapon of choice ?!

because they were the closest thing they could get to pit bulls and similar breeds.

the sooner this horrible dog is banned the safer a lot of people will feel and be.

whenever i walk along the street and i see a chav and one of these dogs,especially off a lead, coming towards me i will nearly always cross over to avoid them.

I was under the impression that all dogs had to be kept on a lead in a public place anyway, so if the police cant enforce that how will they enforce insurance.

I would rather councils stopped enforcing parking and clamped down on these horrible animals and their nearly always chavvy owners
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well I don't know the answer Jake but I'd rather not penalise the masses. What about some sort of sanction on the owners based on the damage done. Ie treat the actions of the dog as if the owner did it. So pit bull kills baby = owner tried for murder, Yorkie nips ankle, police caution, something along those lines.
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No law or tax does any good unless it is enforced. There are thousands of untaxed cars and televisions around and on the rare occassion anyone is charged, the fine is less than the amount of one years tax. An aquaintance of mine living in Ealing counted 82 cars parked in his street ( not even his neighbours cars ) without tax. He reported it to the police and they did nothing. So he told them he had made a list and would tell the local paper. That prompted a response, the next day the police were there and wrote down details. What happened ? Nothing !
Two answers - one on the main issue and one for modeller.

is it possible if the dogs have to be microchipped that the police an be equipped with a microchip reader with which any dog can be scanned. No positive scan, no dog!

For modeller. I too find untaxed cars offensive especially as a significant proportion are being used in crime. Take the number, make, model and colour and go online to

In addition pressure your local police, by going to the Neighbourhood Policing Inspector to run an ANPR activity around your area. Now they an confiscate untaxed cars, our locals picked up quite a few and the message is getting around......
But we don't want dangerous dogs biting people in the first place. All these measures just happen after the event.

There are simple solutions available:

1. All dogs in public open spaces should be fitted with a lead.
2. Any agreesive breed should be fitted with a muzzle.

That not to say they should be microchipped and the owner has insurance for his dog but these are just palliative.
We need to set up Dangerous Dog Units, where oficers are equipped with body armour and firearms. They'll also need big truncheons and CS Spray.

Every time they see a dog walking without proper precautions, or being aggressive they can legally stop and do something. In my utopia they would beat the miscreant owner to within an inch of his life, spray his eyes with CS for that extra bit of pain, then shoot him. Then call the RSPCA to collect the dog and do their magic with the mutt.
androcoles. Thanks for the information . What results did you get ?

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Compulsory Insurance for all dogs......

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