Anyone moved by Tiger's moving apology?

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anotheoldgit | 16:47 Sat 20th Feb 2010 | News
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A certain left-wing politician, announced on radio last night, that what Woods did is no business to us whatsoever, and that it was the "Blazer Brigade" of the golfing elite, that was accusing him of deeds that brought the game of golf into disrepute.

Later to get his argument over he used that regular used Left-Wing ploy of shouting "racism".

He suggested that the reason for all the outcry was because Woods was black, he went on to say if he had been white, we would have most likely ignored the situation..


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if he apologises he is damned, if he does not apologise he is damned....
He only apologised to keep his sponsors and wife happy.
Damn tooting I would want a public apology if I were his wife given that it was all played out in the media.
Thats what i think anyway.
>He only apologised to keep his sponsors and wife happy.

He only apologised to keep his sponsors and his sponsors happy.

He can apologise to his wife in private.
Hear! Hear! His marriage is nobody's business other than that of him and his wife and their immediate family.
the apology has come after weeks of public pressure to "explain himself"

now he has issued a statement he and his wife should be left alone now to deal with their problems.
none of the public's business, it's not my job to be moved or unmoved. You wouldn't believe how little time I spend fretting over the sex lives of golfers. (Obviously all white golfers are faithful to their wives, as I have never seen anything to the contrary on the front pages.)
Have to disagree re the 'wifes' aoplogy.
Had I been globally humiliated then I would have demanded a public apology from my errant husband.Its not a case of keeping his marriage private -he didnt when he thought he was a lothario who was invincible.He wasnt and she bore the brunt -I would have him licking my shoes in public to let him know what it feels like to be humiliated.
His wife deserves the apology, that's his personal and private matter between him and his wife and none else.

The mistresses all deserved what they got... they knew he was married.
Tiger Woods, two people:

Tiger Woods the Golfer
Tiger Woods the family man.

Did he cheat at why a worldwide apology.
Did he cheat on his wife.....yes....then he should apologise to her...nothing to do with anybody else.

The TV apology, oily, slimey Vomit evoking...."look mama and the rest of the world. I AM a good guy.
Looking at mother and Tiger, the only difference is, that he is taller than her, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to tell them apart.....
clue.........he's the one with the better swing....

Anyway....these women can't wait to take off their knickers and get laid by someone famous....the [email protected] was enough, they shouldn't expect to get any money.
Exactly Sqad, that's how I view this shenanigan too.
I wrote this answer on another post about Tiger Woods.

Why on earth was he on the news as the main story last night giving that cringing load of babble.

I, for one, am not the least bit interested in his sleezy lifestyle.

God knows who advised him to do this, but he has done himself no favours. What a pathetic excuse for a man.
Erm is it just me ???

Had my husband humiliated ME in such a way the I personally would have insisted on a public apology and without knowing the in and outs of their marriage (doubt if there are any at the moment and its not MY business) I as the wife would have have made bleeding sure that i was included in the public apology.
Nothing to do with whether it was anyone elses business or not-I would have him grovelling privately and personally.

Different strokes for different folks- ta ra -I thank you :)
Dris - if my OH has humilated me, the surgeons would still be trying to remove his golf clubs from where the sun don't shine.
lol DEN -(just hope you wouldnt then find that he actually enjoyed it !!! :))

I'll get my coat -forgot I was in a serious section :)

You can take the girl out CB but you cant take CB out the girl !
I'm holding both our coats Dris and the bus tickets back to CB.....ha ha ha
It was So bland,and without feeling,and so carefully rehearsed it was really amazing that anyone could think that he was really sorry.
Sorry for being caught,yes!
Sorry for possibly losing wife and children,yes!
Sorry for screwing all these women (that were not his wife) NO!
and last, and worst
Sorry for losing all this money whilst not being able to play golf,Yes!
The man is a hypocrite of the first rank,his colour has nothing to do with it.
Tiger Woods, John Terry, Vernon Kaye.

What sad lives some of you have, Who gives a fluff who he is bonking

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Anyone moved by Tiger's moving apology?

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