Why do Yoghurt knitters love Islam?

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R1Geezer | 12:30 Thu 18th Feb 2010 | News
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If I treated women worse that pets and openly backed death for Homosexuals and non believers I'd be rightly condemed. If however I'm in the fluffy bunny religion of peace that's alright and I'm top of the pops with the liberal elite. So why does being a muslim excuse these things?


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I reckon you have summed up a lot of what is wrong with this country.

The corduroy muesli chompers sitting in their coffe shops in Islington as usual are living on another planet.

I find it odd really as the Muslim hardliners would have the pinko liberal n*bheads up against the wall first.

On reflection perhaps they are not so bad after all (Islam hardliners that is)
Like many meatheads, you confuse tolerance with love.

No, no, no - what you will see from the yoghurt knitters isn't love of Islam, but hatred of those who spread hate about Muslims.

I personally can't stand the teachings of Islam, but I have many Muslim friends. That's the difference between yoghurt knitters and right whingers.

Right whingers absolutely cannot differentiate between Islam and Muslims.

The same way they can't differentiate between homosexuality (a verb, by the way) and gay men/lesbians.

It's because they spend all their time reading papers from the Express Group, and it's been clinically proven that reading (say) the Daily Mail, turns your brain into wallpaper paste.

See evidence here:

Psssst...........sp1814. Homosexuality isn't a verb, its a noun.
Question Author
You're going to have to help me out here sp, are you saying that Gay men and lesbians are not homosexuals then?

Presumably you mean Islam is the whole religion and Muslims are the believers. Perhaps you could expand on that.

PS: I don't generally buy any newspapers at all
I deplore many of the teachings of the Catholic church. But I don't want to see Catholics persecuted or abused or driven out of the country.

Does this mean I love Catholicism?
R1, looks to me like many are not reading your post correctly and jumping straight on the usual lefty band wagon. An odd post from you SP, you must be having an off day.

I think if you read it again the theme is one rule for one group and another for the rest of us.
I think there are somepeople on here that see everything as a dichotomy

Peace-war, Gay-straight, left-right

They seem incapable or unwilling even to acknowledge other options

I put it down to a deep seating insecurity and the need to pidgeon-hole things into neatly identifiable stereotypes
Question Author
I hope you can see the irony of your last post Jake!
so jake is it you are right and everyone else is wrong perhaps?
I remember a debate on here about the planned 42-day detention for terror suspects.

Anyone who disagreed with it was accused of, quote, "supporting terrorism".

It's following current affirs in the way a 4-year-old follows a panto.
Question Author
I was against the 42 day thing in that post
We in the yoghurt knitting brigade love peace, justice, decency, and human rights for all. Extreme Islam is as unattractive a place as extreme right-wing Christianity.

You're correct.

Homosexual is a verb. not homosexuality.

I stand corrected!
Question Author
Homosexual is a noun. I don't see how it's a doing word at all.
Question Author
SP are you going to explain why gay men/lesbians are not homosexual?
cause they want to be 'aisha'

Volume 5, Book 58, Number 236:
Narrated Hisham's father:
Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old.

Correct. Gay men and lesbians are homosexual...which is a verb.

It's the same as someone being described as 'tall' or 'blonde'. These are just descriptive terms - not the person themselves.

Homosexual is a technical/biological term, rather than a noun.
Durr...I got 'verb' and 'adjective' mixed up.

'Homosexual' is an adjective.

I have an A level in English Language. Just goes to show how valuable that qualification was...
Question Author
Its' a noun SP, check your dictionary it has an "n" after it

"Homosexual" and "homosexuality" are both nouns. so is "Gay" when referring to Homosexuals, oddly enough it is an adjective when used correctly.

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