$40,000 Bomb Detector

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Hymie | 13:32 Sat 23rd Jan 2010 | News
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It costs $40,000 - it uses no batteries and is claimed to be powered by the static electricity generated by the user – oh and it’s supposed to detect bombs. Apparently over 2,000 of the devices have been sold.

The guy selling the devices has been arrested on suspicion of fraud.

Anyone who bough such a device must be dumb, did they not ask how the unit is powered when used in high humidity conditions (or the user was sweating), when the human body would produce no static electricity – or place a bomb close to the device and see that it detected the bomb?

I say buyer beware.


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Forgot to say - New Judge will be asking why only mute persons would be buying such a device?
Surely any government would test something before they bought ?
The Iraqi government has spent US$85m (£52m) on the hand-held detectors, now used at most checkpoints in Baghdad.

52m spent just by iraq? Just how much money has this mans company made globally?

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$40,000 Bomb Detector

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