AB logo to the left is apparently for Chilean democracy?

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bunkmoreland | 02:28 Sat 16th Jan 2010 | News
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I have no idea about the political situation in Chile one side or the other and had no idea this site was political at all:-( Why do this?


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thank you
elections on 17 jan could be the final step towards political equalisation - they are still trying to get away from the stain that was pinochets dictatorship.

having said that, it does seem a rather political point. not quite the same, but will we be seeing the same flag waving for one side or t'other come the general election ? i hope not.
Elections in Chile Jan17th, ..........yes so that explains the Chilean Flag.

Did we have the Zimbabwean Flag on their Election Day?.....I can't remember.

Will we have the Union Jack before our Election Day.

Odd choice of a logo for AB.
It could be that one of the managers/Eds is Chilean...
Kromo...LOL maybe.
Plus the AB ed has forayed into politics before - certainly in the past (though less so now) it's posted some very leading questions with a clear bias behind them.
The Ed hassaid before that some of the coding work on the AB site is done in Chile, so he/she will have lots of contact with Chileans. The Elections are very important to them, but pretty non eventful for us. So the flag in the corner is a little indulgence by the Ed, but absolutely harmless to the rest of us.
I can see you were very attentive in class on the day that was said, Gromit. :-)

haha I was about to say the Ed is probably Chilean. lol
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This only confirms my suspicions that AB is now hosted on a US Server,and that maybe (heresy) the AB ED and Spare Ed are American!
Otherwise,why does AB Ed think we give a damm about the Chilean elections?
Ed - why not a logo to support Haiti.....give REAL help where it's needed!
A very good suggestion tamborine!
Come on Ed how about it?
The team at UK Net Guide (which includes The Answerbank) have Chilean nationals working for them, and wish to show their support for their colleagues. That seems fair enough to me:

You learn something new everyday....sorry Chilians; I know you would want to support Haiti?
Perhaps this is an example of the difference between symbolic help and financial help, Tamborine?

There's not a great deal that we can do financially to help Chile ensure that they have free and fair elections. So a simple symbolic gesture is appropriate.

However symbols won't help the people of Haiti. It's money that counts.

I'm reminded of the time when a work colleague berated me for my refusal to wear a poppy. I told him that I don't believe in commemorating the dead but I'm happy to help the living, so I'd put donations (of notes, not coins) into the boxes of several British Legion collectors while still refusing to take a poppy. He, on the other hand, admitted that the poppy he wore 'with pride' was one that he'd found on the ground, and that he'd not put any money into a collecting box!
I know absolutely nothing about Chile (just learned how to spell it correctly - dope that I am). I've never been there and not likely to as its too far for me. They wont miss me!

As for the British Legion, I do support them as their funds are more for the living soldiers & families who have fallen on hard times. Commemoration does also gain my respect and gratitude; it is a debt I owe for the life I live today.

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AB logo to the left is apparently for Chilean democracy?

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