Dappy From N-Dubz issues death threat - what a moron!

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Admarlow. | 16:04 Fri 15th Jan 2010 | News
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Ironic since he was the spokesman for Ed Balls' anti bullying programme!! HA HA HA How thick must this guy be!


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The words D ick and head somehow spring to mind.
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lol the girl who text radio 1 was right their music really is very bad, and he is very ugly to boot! (my opinion!)
Stupid is as stupid does.......
according to that report .

this person did his threatening txt's and calls the following day .

Yet when he apologised he claimed to have acted in the heat of teh moment.

the follwoing day in anyones view cannot be classed as the heat of the moment.

not only a Complete and utter idiot but a cowardly bullying lier to boot !
" if the report is to be believed as accurate"

"'Genuinely sorry'

Despite making an apology through his management, who also offered her free N-Dubz concert tickets, Ms Moody said Dappy was yet to text her personally to say sorry. "

i carnt even imagine what the " management " were thinking to offer concert tickets .. did they not hear she does NOT like their music

one fool managed by another
That's what I thought when I read about this S_C.
The little hypocrite was involved in an anti bullying campaign as well!
darn i forgot to add hypocrite ... please add where you think it will fit best .

they say the best way to hide is in the open .
so a bully hiding under the anti bully banner was smart thinking by someone .
however i imagine not by this person or the management !
Having seen his picture (I have no idea who he is/are) and read the story, the words toss and pot spring to mind.
i was actual wondering if his name had a typo in it in this article

surely it should be Doppy !

the picture says a lot to me . young thug with attitude
" or am i judging a book by its cover "
from what i have read here no but only time will tell the full extent .
shame on him. he's been on Buzzcocks and was very funny.
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Never Mind The......

oh pah.. you knew that!
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I think he threatened to play their entire back catalogue to her.

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Dappy From N-Dubz issues death threat - what a moron!

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