Brown Bluffing or porkie pieing ?

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youngmafbog | 15:08 Fri 30th Oct 2009 | News
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So now the States comes out of recesion, this on top of every other developed nation apart from Italy who we still have to hear the results.

Not so long ago Bottler spouted "We are best placed to come out of the recession", but history has proved him totally wrong.

Now insn't thsi the same person that slates the Tories based on "You should leave it to those with expericence"

Just what expericence is he talking about ; bankrupting the coutnry perhaps in which case I would agree he is the best man for the job.

On a serious note though I believe the a Government is made good by a strong opposition, bottler howeever has sent Labour to the wilderness perhaps forever so what is going to happen to this once great nation of ours?


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Well a fair guess is that Osbourne will get his hands on number 11 - slash public spending just as we're crawling into growth, throwing thousands more out of work and ruining hundreds of struuggling businesses.

He'll then blame the massive downwards spiral that he's precipitated on the state of things he inherited
jake......absolutely correct........................I haven\'t known an opposition incoming Chancellor or Prime Minister that hasn\'t used this ploy.
His saying that he saved the world will come back to haunt him. Its the complete opposite. He has saved the bankers jobs and bonuses and was prepared to spend £bns so they would not suffer. However he has neglected to put any cash into other industries that create real wealth and keep people in jobs.

Why do British politicians think they know it all when other countries quietly tackle the problem and succeed where we have failed. Why don't we listen to them more often. Its these same politicians who have stopped us from joining the Euro and stopped us from become real Europeans where we should be.

The tories are just as bad. It must be something in the English character living on past glories and feel the new world is our commonwealth..
We'll run down the plug-hole if Labour continue with their 'big spender' policies. Too many tax-payers redundant to sustain the economy.
Who ever wins the next election, even Labour - no chance, the Chancellor is going to have to cut public spending. The country cannot go on spending money it hasn't got. Where would all families be if they continued to borrow money ad infinitum and never paying it back? They would be made bankrupt & homeless by their creditors before too long.

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Brown Bluffing or porkie pieing ?

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