Maybe a little too late.

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anotheoldgit | 11:11 Wed 14th Oct 2009 | News
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Is this an attempt to level out the playing field at last, or measures from a frightened party, a little too late to prevent the increase of voters turning to the Far Right for justice for whites?


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it's unfortunate that the white working class don't perform as well at school ('in the education system' ) as other ethnic groups. That must be a result of discrimination. Obviously they don't work or study, as a result of 'concerns' about housing. Silly? Well, the Daily Mail seems to think not !
Failure of white boys at school?

But we're always being told by the far right about the superiority of the white race

Some mistake surely!!??!!!
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Just like we are always being told that Islam is a peaceful religion?

Just like we are always being told that gun & knife wielding gang members are mainly Black?
But why ARE white working class kids at the bottom of the field educationally? And why is it girls of all races do better than boys?

This is interesting - never thought about education along racial lines. AOG - why are the White working class being left behind? Why do you see so many Asian kids being packed off to university? And why do so many Asians open their own businessesrather than forming right wing groups to ladle the blame on others for their inadequacies?
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You state:

\"This is interesting - never thought about education along racial lines. AOG -\"

Maybe but there are plenty that do. The following are a selection of links, when there were fears about black boys unacheiving. />

an excerpt from the above:

\"I think it\'s nothing short of a national scandal that, 60 years after the Empire Windrush brought some 300 people from the Caribbean to these shores, young black boys, Afro-Caribbean boys, are still underachieving at the rate at which they are,\"

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Maybe a little too late.

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