Anyone seen the invisible (Scots) Man

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youngmafbog | 13:53 Tue 25th Aug 2009 | News
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So he pops up to give us his opionion on all things triviel and to tell us how to live our lives but where is he now when serious poplitical wranglings over Lockerbie are going on?

Is this man a serious politician or are we now seeing the cowardly bully I have always suspected him to be ?

Latest ICM have Tories 16 pt over labour. will this grow more now?


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Plenty of scope for that to change!

Economoies picking up and 66% of Cameron's MPs are not backing him over the NHS.

If there's one thing that'll torpedo him it's the thought that he can't be trusted with the health service 08/24/david-cameron-s-nhs-safe-claim-hit-by-la ck-of-support-from-tory-mps-115875-21619903/

And I suggest you address your Lockerbie questions to Alex Salmon
I agree, he comments on BB, Michael Jackson, Jade Goody, whats he hiding????
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He has been hiding everytime there is trouble for ages always has done sends others to the front line to fight the battle
bye bye brown
Putting aside party politics and reading between the lines.

This would normally be a matter for the Scottish justice secretary but has Foreign affairs implications.

The Lybians were very keen for him to be released and made it known. The British government probably told them that it was entirely a matter for the Scots.

Samond may or may not have consulted Whitehall - there's no love lost there.

Brown probably told them it was their decision.

He almost certainly could have interfered and stopped it but would have laid himself open to charges of interfering with the Scottish Government and toadying to the Americans.

I'm sure YMG wouldn't have been on here praising him had he stopped it!

So it's damned if you do and damned if you dont.

As for the next election - Bill Clinton had it right "It's the economy stupid"

It all depends on how fast the recovery comes.
Gordon Brown decides to retire.

His friends decide to name a steam locomotive after him.

They go to the York Train Museum and see if they can find a train to name after him.

"How about that one over there" one of the MPs says.

"That's The Flying Scotsman, we cant rename that" says the man who runs the museum.

"Well this government pays for your museum so we think you should do it" says the MP.

"OK" says the museum owner "but to keep the cost down lets just paint over the F at the front".

Apparently everyone is sick to the back teeth of Brown's miserable face, yet he goes on holiday and you all want him back, you want to hear from him, you want him back In charge.

The problem is, you want to crucify him, but he was seemingly innocent., being on holiday and not being 'in the loop' on the release.

He has not been the luckiest of Prime Minsters, but they say you make your own luck. Maybe it wasn't an accident that this embarassing, but potentially politically and economically useful incident has taken place while Brown was worrying sheep in Cumbria.

There is a good chance now that British firms will be working to get Libyan oil out of the ground rather than American ones, no wonder the yanks are spitting feathers

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Anyone seen the invisible (Scots) Man

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