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anotheoldgit | 12:10 Wed 12th Aug 2009 | News
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Yet another minority political party on the electoral register.

Do these parties have a place in a democratic system, or is this what democracy is all about?

This party wants to legalise internet file-sharing, safeguard people's on-line privacy and abolish the patent system.

Sounds all very well, but what would be the implications of this?

We have the BNP who's opponents are mainly the Anti Nazi League, Socialist Workers Party Etc.

Who would be this parties opponents?


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They absolutely have a place. I don't see why they wouldn't?

As a single-issue party, their chances of being elected are minimal. This just gives the a platform to communicate their message.

It's not undemocratic for a party to exist without one that diametrically opposes it. A party with similar views but a slighty wider remit is just as much of a rival. They're all competing for a share of the same pie.
I think (and hope) that the main parties are abolished.

The system as it is is just ridiculous. When you are voting in the general election, are you voting for the party, the local candidate or the current leader?

Is there anyone who believes in every single policy of the main stream parties? I like a lot of the liberal policies - but there are also some Conservative policies I like, some BNP ones and some Labour ones. As it is, I can only vote for one candidate.

You also have issues with parties then not voting for legislation purely because it is proposed by the opposition party (take putting the interest rates in the hands of the Bank of England - Labour take credit for it but voted against it when it was proposed by a Tory back bencher).

I realise that you do have to have a common goal - but things like the whip system is just plain wrong in my view. Elected members should be free to vote how they want - not because their party wants them to vote in a certain way.

So to round about answer your question - yes, the more minority parties, the better in my view. One or two is pretty much useless - but 100 or 200 individuals can make a difference.
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Good answer vic, couldn't agree more, the only draw back I could see is the fact that we would have voting slips a mile long, and what about the wrinklies, the main body of voters, confused,confused or what?

Would be interested to know your views on this party's agenda i.e. legalising internet file-sharing, on-line privacy and abolishing the patent system?
As previously mentioned, they are a single issue party, and I personally am not a big fan of such groupings, nor do I get particularly exercised by the issues they find so important.
I agree with OEV a lot - The party system,closed constituency selection lists, slavishly adherence to the party whip, the Executive having control of the Motions agenda, and their ability to impose guillotines on debates, the Executive having control of the selection of chairpersons for all the select committees - these are all anti democratic measures which seriously compromise the effectiveness of the Commons.I quite like the idea of a commons independent MPs, where political parties are think tanks and lobbyists for their own manifesto - and the independent commons gets to pick which policies seem most compelling to the house.

Bring on the New Enlightenment! :)
Don't agree with a lot of it (though only had a quick read through).

I do file share - HOWEVER - when I can justify it to myself. As an example, I own the DVD box set to 24. I like to watch this on my mobile phone. I can buy software that costs around �25 and then spend the time to convert this on to my mobile. However, it is much easier for me to download it through a file sharing site. This is illegal, however I have no issue with it. I have also downloaded music which I own the CD to - just for ease.

I don't download music or videos that I do not own the copyright to.

would hate to think that Patents could be copied. This would mean that companies would not spend and do research and development for fear that a competitor could just copy the exact same thing.

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