Why ? "the force would continue to explore all legal opportunities, both criminal and civil, to stop the annual event"

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bazwillrun | 20:39 Mon 10th Aug 2009 | News
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I dont see the same effort into trying to ban another historically crime ridden event........ the wonderful vibrant notting hill carnival.

I wonder why that is ? let me i really cant work it out


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Whether deserved or not, the Hell's Angels have a reputation for lawlessness. I personally believe that not to be the case, but then I am not in charge of keeping law and order.

The Bulldog Bash and The Notting Hill Carnival are equally as relevant, and both should be allowed to continue.
Surely it cant be because Notting Hill carnival is mostly for black people could it.

Because that would be racist.

I bet there are more people killed each day fishing than are killed at either event (in case you did not know, fishing is the most dangerous sport in the uk - if you include sea fishing)
<barely stifled yawn>
To summarise the basis of my great big yawn...

"Oh woe is me...everyone is against me because I'm a straight white male. The gays and the women and the blacks have it all their own way. Why is the whole world against me?"


So dull.

So untrue.

So completely irritating.

Furthermore...Hells Angels smell and shod be discouraged from getting together.

I'm just kidding with my post, I agree that if the Hells Angels can hold an annual event which is enjoyed by thousands of people, it SHOULD go ahead.

But enough of this race whining. It's more duller than a Coldplay concert.
I don't see how race enters into this at all. And the Notting Hill Carnival isn't 'mostly for black people' - not for years! Attendance is about as diverse as you can possibly get. If you don't know that, you probably haven't been.
I was unfortunate enough to have been given free tickets to a Coldplay concert so went along for a peek and, by christ, it was stupor inducing.

Also, they are just so bloody pious.

Let the Coldplay backlash begin here. Let us not forget...Chris Martin named his daughter Apple!!!
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Why ? "the force would continue to explore all legal opportunities, both criminal and civil, to stop the annual event"

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