tooooooo risky!

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kinell | 18:18 Fri 31st Jul 2009 | News
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i totally agree when the emergency services stand by because they might graze a knee

too hot and smokey in there.....thats a bit steep.....i am off home as my shift is finishing even though i have a patient on board......

perhaps in due course we will all be compelled to wear hi-vis jckets 24/7 because of the ever present dangers even in our homes.....dont want to risk fatally colliding with the wife when negotiating the transfer from sitting room to kitchen

i cant think of a better lot than the elfensafety police to lobby westminster for all troops to be brought back from afghanistan etc......its bl00dy dangerous out there!


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The unfortunate man was probably already dead by the time any emergency services arrived.Do you expect a lone paramedic to put her own life at risk to recover a dead body?
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i agree,
the emergency services should also be immediately banned from risking death and the safety of others by exceeding speed limits in order to attend to a person who may of course already be dead
I is sometimes very difficult to tell whether a person is dead from drowning.

He could have been alive and "recoverable"

Soldiers get killed in wartime....and the Emergency services should accept the same risks
A lone female(or male for that matter) paramedic could not be expected to drag a fully grown unconscious man up a steep,slippery slope.
Emergency services personnel do not sign up to fight on the frontlines for Queen and Country Sqad,the two things can't be compared.
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so daffy thinks more along the lines of....

'it was an acceptable response from the emergency services'

they appear to have brought along their tea making facilities but left their instincts back in the training room......

along with their balls

So, reckon you know what I think eh?
Personally,I would probably have gone down the slope and tried to help the man,I wouldn't expect everyone else to do the same though.
daffy....he was face, one man couldn't have dragged him up the side, but at least he can do is to turn him over and possibly attempt CPR.

To me the ES expect to be in danger, some time, as do many others who work in the NHS and elsewhere.
I think like Daffy has said - most people (including myself) could not stand by and watch someone in distress and would try to help - but paid 'professionals' seem to be terrified of the elf and safety police. you mean police or policy?

For Christ's sake....a guy laying face down in a ditch and the ES stand and beggars belief......scared of Health and me a favour.
I also agree with what kinell has said about police racing at high speed to a crime or accident - sometimes I think this is totally unnecessary.

In point of fact, last week a police car overtook me at great speed with everything flashing - he was going the same route as me - I was amazed, when I caught up with him - he was talking to a lady motorist with his notepad and pencil in hand - she seemed neither threatening or in danger - so did that warrant him racing at high speed, possibly knocking someone over and killing them - I don't think so.....................
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I think that the REAL Health and Safety risk is~

reading the Daily Mail!
It can seriously damage your mind,

oh I forgot Dail Mail readers don't have a mind or they wouldn't be reading it in the 1st place would they!
The charge of sensationalism against the Daily Mail is correct. If you contrast its report, with how the 'sensational Sun' covered it, you will see a glaring difference. 364/Inquest-reveals-cops-dont-have-to-be-able- to-swim.html

I was amused that the Mail helpfully showed us a picture of a ditch. Not the ditch were the man died, but another ditch. Just so there is no doubt we know what a ditch looks like.

Fact:What is the use of a member of the ES who can't swim?
As long, presumably as the EMERGENCY does not involve water.
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So, according to you, if you can't or don't swim, you should not be allowed to be in the ES? children are form early school days.

Fact: Victim dead within 10 minutes of hitting the water</>

Coroner could not confirm this and in any case, the ES didn't know this at the time of arrival

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tooooooo risky!

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