The Moon Landing 1969

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Francis Asis | 22:09 Tue 21st Jul 2009 | News
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OK, not NEW news but its been in the news lately. Something I've always wondered. If Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon - who shot the footage of him stepping out?


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Read this:

the answer to your question is about 1/4 way down.
Question Author
Very interesting. Thank you, it does answer my question.
yes yes all the loony theories have been debunked thoroughly! Still doesn't stop the trolls raking it over to death
I always assumed a Clanger filmed Armstrong's small step.
love The Clangers - they should make a film of them - ala wallace n gromit!!!
But who would play the Soup Dragon? I propose Russell Crowe.
I think that for the people like myself, who were watching the live pictures being sent to our TV screens, the amazing part of it was that we had never seen such a thing before.
Now when you watch it is looks so basic, the technology needed to fake it we all understand, we have lived through an era of conspiracy theories and media pressure that can discredit and distort anything.
But back then, we knew how to be amazed, we knew what we were watching was history and we knew that everyone in the world was watching the same pictures.
Many people have lost that ability to be awed by progress.
I wanted to stay up but was too tired (this is in the UK), went to bed, woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs, turned on the tv only to find that things had been delayed and so I saw the live coverage of that first step.
Well things have definately moved on since then and people don't bat an eyelid. It is just an every day thing when the Space shuttles are due to take off and actually watch them live on Nasa TV take off and land. We just look up at the sky when we know the exact time the International Space Station is coming over our way .It's just part of life now.
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I personally think its our greatest acheivement and the debunkers are just killjoys. I wasn't questioning that they did it, just how.
Spodo - Thanks very good article.

The more you read, the more you see how strange the conspirasists are, but then some are making a lot of money.
The conspiracy theorists make a big thing about the Van Allen belts and they have a grain of truth.

Outside of their protection the astronauts could have experienced a huge radiation dose had there been a major solar flare.

The trip to the moon was only a few days - odds were in their favour and they got away with it but it was a bit of a game of Russian roulette.

Now consider the trip to Mars 200 times as far.

Do you feel lucky punk? - well do ya?
Back during the 1960s there was so much optimism regarding the space program that some people reckoned that there would be missions to Mars even as early as the 1970s (that caught my imagination at the time), but the realists knew that there were a lot of problems to be overcome (including radiation) meaning that it was going to be much later than that.

But I don't suppose anyone foresaw that 40 years later it would still be decades away.
Possibly ... the Americans' big gamble was this ...

They figured that, within a few years, Moon landings would be routine, and nobody would scrutinize the first one too closely.

It would just become accepted that the US had done it first.

Unfortunately, what actually happened, was that it became clear that man could not in fact get to the Moon.

Awkward for the Americans, who were left holding the biggest hoax in history.

The Japanese, more realistically, have estimated that it MIGHT be possible to land a man on the Moon by 2030.

Is Japanese technology really 61 years behind the Americans? Or was it a hoax that backfired?

The moon landings were not a hoax.

The definitive evidence is the laser relfectors left there.

Since the moon landings hundreds of scientists in dozens of countries have used these to reflect high powered lasers off of the moon to measure it's distance. ng_Experiment

All of these would have to be part of the conspiracy

Including all the French astronomers at La cote d'azure observatory who specialise in it. rche=lune

I don't think so!
Its either laugh or despair that there are some people who still believe the moon landings were a hoax.

Leave aside the fact that every technical point or objection raised in favour of the hoax theory have been thoroughly and exhaustively debunked. The Hoax theorists cannot provide a single shred of credible evidence to support their fatuous claims.

Just concentrate for a moment on the logistics of successfully carrying off such a hoax. It runs absolutely contrary to human nature.,Far, far too many people would have to be involved, from government through to aerospace contractors ( estimated at approx 400,000 individuals for Apollo 11 mission alone) all of whom have kept quiet for 5 decades now.

Add to that the fact that the US was in a space race with the USSR, who would have raised the biggest of global stinks had there been the slightest of credible evidence supporting a hoax.

Furthermore, you have to factor in the follow up missions and landings on the moon - again, so many people involved, so much coverage, so much political gains to be made could any credible evidence be found.

By continually believing the hoax theorists you are providing an ego boost to cretins like Bart Sibrel, who continue to peddle their nonsense, and demeaning one of the greatest feats of mankind, as well as sullying the reputations of some incredibly brave astronauts.

"Capricorn One" was a conspiracy thriller fim, a work of fiction for entertainment purposes, not a documentary.
Not only that LazyGun but the suggestion is that after carrying out the most sophisticated hoax in history with thousands on engineers and scientists they'd be so stupid as to have a flag waving in an imaginary breeze or have pictures taken from a long way distant of the first steps.

Personally I think it just boosts the egos of those who like to feel in on a secret and cleverer than all the mighty brains at NASA

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The Moon Landing 1969

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