Democracy in Afghanistan?

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1ARMEDBANDIT | 10:29 Wed 15th Jul 2009 | News
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Here`s a question, I have tried to google it but can`t find an answer.
How many ordinary Afghans really want democracy in their country?

Two questions really.... Put to one side the Taliban/Al Queda issue, why are we so hell bent on giving them democracy when we have completely ignored other countries who have asked for help in the past ie Zimbabwe during their sham elections a few months ago.
Gordon Brown`s answer to their plea`s for help was (let them and Africa sort the problem out)


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How can you possibly put to one side the Taliban and Al Qaeda when considering our involvement in Afganistan ?

That's like ignoring the IRA's role in "The Troubles"

As for how many want democracy I guess we'll find out when the elections are held there in 5 weeks time.

One thing's for sure though the Taliban don't want it, and they don't want people voting which would make it look like the rest of the country wants it.

The difference in Zimbabwe is that they do not host Al Qaeda training bases, they are not a threat to us.
It is true that democracy is a recent experiment in Afghanistan. The 2004 elections were partially successful, and some kind of Government has been maintained, albeit with the US and NATOs help.

The Taleban were born from the Mujahideen who the US supported against the Russians. Afghanistan was literally invaded at our invitation by every foreign holy fighter will was willing to repel the country. After the Russians left, the foreigners did not go away, the west abandoned them, and they turned against us.

Our invasion was to fight a proxy war in Afghanistan, largely one group of foreigners fighting another group of foreigners. The average Afghan just wants his country back, and a stable elected Government is the best option to achieve that. It is also the best option for us, because we can leave when that happens.
Should have read:

Afghanistan was literally invaded at our invitation by every foreign holy fighter who was was willing to repel the Russians.
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Great... If this information was given to the ordinary man on the street or the people involved, there may well be more support for the troops out there?
You can't put aside Al-Qaeda, because that was the reason after 9/11: Afghanistan harboured al-Qaeda, so we invaded to get rid of the government that was doing so. I suspect, rather than wiping them out, we've just moved them to Pakistan; but it wasn't an unreasonable thing to attempt (unlike Iraq). Zimbabwe posed no such threat.

Also, Blair was all for rushing off to war everywhere. Brown had to pay for it. He is understandably less keen to spend more money starting new wars.

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Democracy in Afghanistan?

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