Barack Obama's new high-risk strategy in Afghanistan.

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anotheoldgit | 15:11 Fri 03rd Jul 2009 | News
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Will this prove to be what is needed to bring this stupid war to an end?

Unlike Britain's softly softly approach the American's are hoping to do in hours what British troops have failed to do in three years.

The Taliban could be left with only three choices:

1/ To stand and fight the troops face to face, which is not the way of cowards that they really are.

2/ Try to flee over the border with Pakistan, which now that the Pakistan Army are losing their patience with the Taliban, may not be so easy as in the past.

3/ To disappear amongst the general populace.

This third option may be their best bet, so it is up to us to show caution and class them all the same, until they can prove otherwise.


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Barack Obama's new high-risk strategy in Afghanistan.

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