Where will this lunacy end

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anotheoldgit | 14:55 Fri 03rd Jul 2009 | News
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We all agree that our children should have the maximum protection which is possible, without hindering the general enjoyment that a parent, grandparent etc gets from watching their youngsters take part in sport activities, school plays etc.

But isn't this preoccupation with the thought that a paedophile is lurking around every corner now getting in the way of these sporting activities etc taking place, both for the child's benefit and that of their families?


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I have to agree anotheoldgit, it does seem an over the top response to a possible threat. Why not introduce invitation cards to such an event as would occur at a garden party. There is also the possibility of getting some of the teachers from the schools involved to patrol the grounds whilst the event is taking place.
Teh answer is simple.

1) Name and shame the b*stards
2) Locke the *%$*5ers up for a good time when you catch them
3) Castrate teh &^%$ers before you let them out.

No chance under pathetic labour government.
I agree, AOG. A similar preoccupation exists about the threat of terrorism. It's a shame.
Hmmm, what would cause the 'thought' (or lack of) that there is a paedophile round every corner?

Would it be the tabloid papers?

That is where the fault lies - in full.
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I must agree with ano. I think that there is a preoccupation with children being abused or abducted...yet it does not stop parents neglecting their children..allowing them to run ferral etc. I would like to see more money and energy going into training on how to parent effectively.
Children are apt to abused more at the hands of parents than paedo's.
As recent events have shown, most perverts are just normal looking people (male and female) with children of their own.

If anything the school is keeping out parents who are probably perverts away from other parents children.
Maybe I'm being too cynical but perhaps these days the schools, etc. don't want to get sued if a child goes missing.
ALL are under suspicion!

The result of unfounded accusations!

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Where will this lunacy end

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