airbus again

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kinell | 13:08 Tue 30th Jun 2009 | News
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i was recently mocked on ab for my inability to understand why any person should choose to fly...

the old chestnuts.................safest way to travel etc.

well, another glorified cigar tube has failed.

i know, i know, its the safest way...keep believing it,

theres 400 of your type who probably at some stage recently told some other person 'its the safest way to travel, i am not worried in the slightest'.

look, there happens to be a bit of a problem globally in financial terms and if you are happy paying less for an international flight than a trip to town on a bus, thinking it is the safest way to travel.....................


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Well congratulations you are one of the few people that has managed to get me to agree with Gromit. I think you are totally deluded. Watch them zebra crossings now!

...and labelled you a Guardian reading type into the bargain.

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airbus again

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