d-day memorials

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kinell | 13:09 Wed 27th May 2009 | News
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So the little french bloke doesnt want our Queen to personally represent the hundreds of thousands of UK and Commonwealth young men who died in france in WW2.

The next time they surrender they can whistle....


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hmmm...should be flippin honored!
Perhaps "the little French bloke" is more interested in trying to repair the rather battered relationship with the US.

Actually last time they surrenedered we surrendered with them because the yanks stabbed us in the back (Suez).

But we don't talk about that one do we?
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The French have always hated the fact that they are a gutless bunch of sh1ts that always need bailing out. Their last war effort was ended when they took a direct hit on the white flag factory thus nutrualising their military capability.
I know that this is an old one, but enter "French military victories" into Google and press I'm Feeling Lucky.
Does it come back and say Austerlitz Whiffey?

You don't think the French might say we ran away at Dunkirk then?
The 4 French Security Alert states:
1. Panic
2. Run away
3. Surrender
4. Collaborate

ps, ran away at dunkirk! What a w4nker. A tactical withdrawal made possible by the bravery of ordinary British sea men in unarmed civilian boats under heavy air attack.
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Can anyone tell me how many french soldiers died at Verdun in 1916?
We should take a leaf from those men who died and show a little more stoicism about it, rather than making a fuss.

While ceremony and remembrance is important, far more important to these young men was the knowledge that they were fighting for their country and for a cause that was right. It wasn't for ceremonial recognition.

It's a shame but not a huge deal.
Load of boll0cks. If you are british you should be ashamed of yourself.
The basic fact is 1000's of ordinary british people came to the aid of a stranded expeditionary force under heavy attack and with no way of getting home without them.
No invention here. It happened.
Steve.5 has always been and anti British lefty Tw&t, he's only doing what they do best, enjoying the fruits of a cushy life creatred by those they hate. "Shame"? they only know it as comming before sh1t in the dictionary.

The French government doesn't send invitations to particular individuals for the d-day celebrations. It invites countries, and it is up to the governments of these countries to decide who to send as representatives.

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d-day memorials

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