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flip_flop | 09:48 Wed 29th Apr 2009 | News
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1 - Surely social services should remove these children as isn't this child abuse?

2 - Yet another ugly f e ckless chav happy to sponge off us taxpayers and pop out kids willy-nilly with any idiot foolish enough to jump them - is there an answer to curb this increasing problem?

3 - Granted we don't know what the father looks like, but, christ, why would anybody want to have a go on this pig-ugly fat disgusting smelly bloated waste of space? /Fattest-mother-feeds-babies-on-McDonalds-fast -food.html 0/30-stone-mother-feeds-baby-triplets-junk-foo d-diet--admits-McDonalds-just-months.html


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Why would you take 3 kids away from their mother? She might treat them really well for all we know.

What she needs is to be forced into re-education and parenting classes.

Taking children away is not the answer. It'll just give them different issues to deal with in later life.
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I would like to see these three innocents have a better start in life ummm, and if that means taking them from her, so be it, she's not being nice to them by chewing up take aways and feeding them with it.
Perhaps these poor children should have nice healthy breakfast cereals like Kelloggs Coco-Pops
...Which contains more sugar than a bowl of Ice Cream!


Tesco Special Flakes cereal
...Which contains the same amount of salt as a packet of ready salted crisps

Are you certain that the food you eat or fed your children is any better than this woman's diet? 1/Named-shamed-The-cereals-sugar-bowl-ice-crea m.html
Gromit - yes.
I've never given my kids cereals like that. The only cereals mine ever have are porridge and shredded wheat.

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