Malnourished babies fed junk food

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Ethel | 18:33 Fri 17th Apr 2009 | News
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Oh my god Ethel - what an horrendous story - what the F**k is wrong with some people?? They should be sterilised so they cannot EVER have more kids. Lets hope these little ones are adopted by a loving caring family.
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Liquidised pork crackling. :(

I think I found it more disturbing because these mothers aren't teenagers - and for some reason I am surprised it is Australia and not some sink estate in the UK. I suppose Australia has its own sink estates and 'underclass' though.
The simple answer to this, is that they are Human, and there is no depth of depravity that our race will not sink to.
"what were they thinking?"

They don't appear to have that ability Ethel!

Some people just do not deserve to have the ability to reproduce.
You dont have to look far from our own shores to see what some mothers think is wholesome food for their children. 04/06/junk-food-diet-raises-toddler-obesity-fe ar-115875-21257200/

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Malnourished babies fed junk food

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